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Quang Tri

10 July 2015
Referring to the central of Vietnam, we cannot deny the attractive Quang Tri tourist destination, the most painful place during Vietnamese war, where you can learn about a former harsh life of Vietnam.
1. Quang Tri Museum:
Consider visiting Quang Tri Museum, a significant architectural monument displaying about 10.000 original exhibits, scientific document and valuable collections. Different from many other museums, Quang Tri Museum shows following special subjects and combines between traditional and modern display. Audio system is put in wall and electric system is efficiently applied that remarks the subjects. Additionally, you can visit the projector room and watch a documentary film to have an exhaustive look at the nation’s history. 
2. Khe Sanh Military Base:
Driving along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, you can reach Khe Sanh Military Base – the old American base in an important historic battle of Vietnam War. You can specifically learn more about it by considering some war leftovers such as bunkers, bombs, tanks and air-craft,… you can connect your discovery with visiting the old Ta Con Airport  which is no longer with the Vietnamese people. The interesting stories about 170 days and night of struggle between Vietnamese and American are waiting for you.
3. Doc Mieu Base:
Doc Mieu Base is also an attractive destination for visitors. Here is infamous for its electromagnetic Mc Namara fence that Doc Mieu Base is considered as the Devine Eye of this fence system.
4. The Lao Bao border gate:
The Lao Bao border gate absolutely will satisfy any shopaholic. The gate is located on the border between Vietnam and Laos. However, here offers you a chance to buy a variety of free-tax Thai goods from cosmetics, Thai rice to electronics. 
5. Vinh Moc Tunnels:
If you are looking for a chance to discover the people’s creations, don’t hesitate to explore the Vinh Moc Tunnels which was home of many Vietnamese revolutionary families. It is celebrated as the most outstanding creation of Vietnam during wartime with about 20 meters in dept and 2034 meters in length. The tunnel deserved to be an incredible achievement of labour that making a unique fighting colour of Vietnam war. 
6. Hien Luong Bridge:
At the end of your day tour, try visiting Hien Luong Bridge over the Ben Hai River. The bridge is known as the declaration of non-ammunition and standing on the bridge to contemplate the beautiful sunset surely will be an unforgettable experience for all visitors here.