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Nghia Lo

10 July 2015
Nghia Lo is a town in Yen Bai Province, in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Located in the second biggest valley in area after Muong Thanh (in Dien Bien) of the Northwest and surrounded by unlimited chains of mountains, Nghia Lo town offers a lot of experiences to tourists. For those who want to see the culture and daily life of locals in mountainous areas of Vietnam.
Nghia Lo town is a wonderful destination. For anyone who set foot for the first time, this town is itself an exciting experience because of its mountainous topography. A breathtaking landscape will appear in front of your eyes: tea gardens and small streams come into view, an infinite green of trees, bushes and fresh air. 
Being the second largest town in Yen Bai, Nghia Lo's centre quarter is as bustling and vibrant as any other town in the Red River Delta, northern Viet Nam's economic hub. It is home to multi-ethnic minorities and was once the biggest trading centre of the northwestern region.
In this enchanting town, you have chance to visit some most famous places including: the Muong Lo Market in the centre of the town. It was the biggest market in the whole northwestern region and is now the commercial hub of Yen Bai's western region. Visiting the market, you not only integrate into daily activities of the locals, but also see a variety of items exposed for purchasing such as household goods, ready-made clothes and luxury kitchenware. While the Muong Lo Market sells goods for households and farming, a few hundred metres away down the street is another vibrant market of the same size, selling food, specialties and flowers. It is a great chance for you to enjoy some local flavors. 
Inhabited mainly by ethnic minorities, the town will offer a good opportunity for you to learn about the daily farming activities in paddy fields and the small businesses of local people. If you visit the Deu hamlet on the first few days of the Lunar New Year, you will have a great opportunity to witness or participate in the Mua Xoe, a unique dance of the Thai ethnic minority. It is performed on a large concrete ground by hundreds of dancers. It's also the right time to enjoy the beauty of Ban, a type of flower in the northwestern region.
This town will be an interesting destination for those who want to taste flavors of highland life.