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Hoang Sa Islands – Paracel Islands

10 July 2015
One of two important islands in the Hoang Sa, known as the Paracel Islands located in the South China Sea. The islands is an attractive destination thank to its beautiful scattered islands, coral and outcrops reef. Once visiting here, its image surely will be memorable in your mind.
Hoang Sa Islands, known as the Golden Sandbanks is a group of about 30 islands with numerous dimensions located in a 16000-square-kilometer ocean area. It is divided into two group: Amphitrite Group and Crescent Group. 
1. The Amphitrite Group:
The Amphitrite Group contains more than 100 sand dunes, traditionally named Van Ly Hoang Sa Chau. The group was named after a French ship which was crashed and sank in the Paracel Islands en route transferring the Europe clerics to the Far East in the late 17th century. The group includes many massive islands, especially Phu Lam and Linh con islands with the major sandbanks. 
2. The Crescent Group:
The Crescent Group is bow-shaped or crescent and consists of the Paracels, Huu Nhat, Huy Mong, Quang Anh, Quang Hoa, Bach Quy, Tri Ton islands and sandbanks. The Paracel island is the most important military island but not the largest. During the management of the Republic of Vietnam government, the island is home of houses, military bases, meteorological stations, lighthouses, Ba Temple, wharf and sovereignty steles. 
Located among the South China Sea, the Paracel Islands climate is not too cold in winter and not too hot in the summer that making it a fantastic touristic place to get away from the daily busy. Relaxing in the pleasant weather of the islands with memorable moments immersing in the turquoise water, absolutely you will never forget this charm islands.