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Da Lat

10 July 2015
Particular with a cool and pleasant climate, Da Lat is an ideal resort in southern Vietnam. Once taking time relaxing at this wonderful destination, surely you will agree that it’s like nothing you have ever experienced before.
1. Dambri Waterfall:
Drive to visit the gorgeous Dambri Waterfall, the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Lam Dong province. The water falls down from the height of 90 meters making an impressive landscape. Located in the landscape of a neglected primeval forest with rare fauna and flora, the waterfall has become an attractive touristic destination. According to a legendary story, once upon a time, there were a K’Ho couple in love always made date here. One day, the young man was surprisingly missing and the lady kept waiting and crying as not see him back. Day by day, her more and more tear has made the stream of waterfall. The K’Ho named the waterfall Dambri, meaning Waiting. 
2. Summer palace of Bao Dai:
Continue the excursion to the summer palace of Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam. The monument was completed in 1938 after 5 years constructed and designed by a French architect and Huynh Tan Phat Here used to be the workplace of King Bao Dai and accommodation for his family. At the precinct, there is a beautiful flower garden designed in French style and the palace inside is designed in a luxurious way with the eye-catching Bao Dai’s throne. 
3. Liang Biang Mountain:
Your exploration in Da Lat will be not complete without an excursion in Liang Biang Mountain. Actually, Liang Biang is not a single mountain, it’s a majesty mountain range among green landscape associated to an immortal love story. Once upon a time, there was a couple in love without the disagreement of clans. However, they still maintained their love and even got married before leaving to the mountain for their life. One time, the girl got illness which is incurable. The boy had no way but transferring back to the village for help. Immediately, the boy was chased by the villagers and ran to his mountain home. Sadly, the girl was killed by villagers’ poisoned arrows when she support it for her darling. In boundless grief, the boy’s tear made a big stream. After recognizing the faults made from wrong point of view about love, the villagers named for the mountain Liang Biang to commemorate the love of the couple.
4. Cu Lan village:
Located in the foot of Langbiang Plateau, the Cu Lan village is habited by K’Ho minority, deserving to an ideal touristic place. From the height looking down, you will see wooden pretty houses immersing in the neglected nature, a large green area and an immense lake. In the evening, you can join the locals for their traditional carnival and try regional wine. 
5. Thai Phien Flower Village:
You can visit Thai Phien Flower Village which owns a vivid scenery thanks to the colours of diverse flowers. The village is not only a large flower producer but also an ideal place for visitors to visit and enjoy the beauty of flower. The colourful picture of the large greenhouses shining like rainbows, filled with budding poppies and local flora species that help cultivate a deeper connection with a flourishing culture.