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Cao Bang

10 July 2015
Cao Bang Province is located in the Far North- East, shares borders with China on the north and east, Bac Kan and Lang Son provinces on the south, and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang provinces on the west. It is a mountainous province which is 281 km away from Hanoi. This area can develop its ecotourism thanks to the cool weather combining with beautiful sightseeing of nature and forests.
In the region, there are some famous sites that you could visit, especially Ban Gioc Fall and Nguom Ngao Cave in Trung Khanh.
Located in Cao Bang Province, nears the Chinese-Vietnamese border, Ban Gioc waterfall is the largest one in the country. The water is particularly thunderous in the wet season but is still beautiful during the dry. The sight is most impressive from May to September- the suitable time to visit this waterfall.
The temperature near the waterfall is remarkably cool, due to the water mist in the air. At the foot of the waterfall is a large river, which is surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers. The scenery changes according to the seasons through the year. In spring, the flame-red blossoms are in full bloom. In autumn, the waterfall surroundings turn golden-yellow. In the summer, the waters become stronger and violent and during winter the fall’s clear waters drop slowly. The sight in Ban Gioc Waterfall contains a poetic, fresh, quiet beauty of water, forest and cloud area mixed with village atmosphere of mountainous ethnic minorities. All creates a stunning, picturesque view of this peaceful region.
Along with this amazing waterfall, there is another must-see destination is Nguom Ngao cave. Located in Trung Khanh District's Gun village, Nguom Ngao is three kilometers from the famous Ban Gioc Waterfalls. It is a really amazing huge and attractive cave with multi-shaped stalactites. The cave is considered one of the most beautiful caves in Northeast of Viet Nam. The scenery in the interior of the cave is as picturesque as that of a fairly land. Awarded as a national landscape by the Ministry of Culture and Information, Nguom Ngao cave has drawn attention from domestic and foreign tourists to the amazing land.