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Without doubt, Vietnam Visa is extremely important for your Vietnam travel. However, the policy of Vietnam visa on arrival always change, so you should keep it updated, seriously! Here we provide you with the lasted information about Vietnam visa to support your travel to Vietnam and if you need, feel free to contact us any time to ask, ask and ask any thing about Vietnam visa!

Vietnam Authority Has Intension for Vietnam Visa Extension for the US Citizens

05 April 2016

Vietnam is easing its visa policy this year as it tries to develop the country tourism industry as well as to enhance two-way trade between the two countries. Therefore, Vietnam visa extension for US is being made by Vietnam Immigration Department to extend the validity of single-entry visas for US citizens to one year in the near future.

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Short-term Visa Fee for Visitors to Vietnam is Decreasing Sharply

21 October 2015

From 23rd November, 2015, the visa fee for international visitors to Vietnam for a short period is decreasing sharply, whereas the long-term visa remains its current price and the expenditure for a temporarily residence permission for children is on a growth.

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Vietnam waives visa for 5 European countries

03 July 2015
Vietnam Prime Minister has approved official decree of waiving visa unilaterally for tourists of 5 countries: Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain since June 18. Accordingly, citizens of these countries are waived to get visa for their entry to Vietnam with 15 day- lodging. This regulation has been applied from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Read more +

Visa Regulation for Phu Quoc Island

03 June 2015
Phu Quoc Island has become a highlight in Vietnam tourism in recent years. This charming island will continue to develop its travel potential thanks to special visa regulation. Read more +

4 common mistakes when apply for a visa to Vietnam on arrival

03 June 2015
We have listed here a few mistakes that travelers may usually make to help you avoid the same things when you apply for a visa on arrival to Vietnam. Read more +

Procedure for visa on arrival

03 June 2015
We are showing you steps to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival. Read more +