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Procedure for visa on arrival

We are showing you steps to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • Make sure each passport has available two blank pages for necessary visa stamp.
  • Validity of passport: In Vietnam passport must be valid 1 month after the date of departure from Vietnam, for other Asian countries, passport must be valid at least 6 months after the planned date of departure from Asia.
  • The traveler’s passport number must  appear on all  documents: the excel file and visa forms.
Step 1. Request for Visa authorization:
Take note of the information on the participant’s passports: full name, date of birth, nationality. Passport number, date of issue, etc…. For easier, just send us your passport copies by taking a photo or scan it. 
This information is required by the Ministry of Public Security, Vietnam, for visa application. The time limit to obtain a visa is 24 hours for an urgent procedure with an added surcharge applied, or 5-7 working days for normal tourist visas.
It is important to indicate clearly the specific airport in Vietnam where people will get their visa including: airline, time, date , number of the arrival flight.
Our office in Hanoi will send you the visa permit by fax and/or by email.
Step 2. Fill in the M3 forms of visa request:
At the same time, each of the travelers fill in a (1) form of visa request, they must attach a recent identity photo (less the 6 months) on the form. Photocopies of photo are not accepted.
Attention: It is very important to use the same passport number on the excel file and on the form of the visa request. You must keep this form which will be requested at the time of checking-in at airports and on arrival in Vietnam.
Do not send M3 form to the embassy of Vietnam in your country; keep this document with you.
Step 3. Regularization of passports:
When you check-in at the departure airport, you will have to show a copy of the authorization, M3 form completed (with a photo on it) and your passport.
Warning: If you do not have the authorization letter to show the airline check-in staff you will not be permitted to board the plane.
When you arrive in Vietnam, you will have to present yourself along with the M3 form to the visa upon arrival desk, before proceeding to the immigration desk and pay visa stamp fee.