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WE ARE PROUD OF BEING MEMBERS OF HELLO VIETNAM TRAVEL: Although not having born in the same hometown, we ourselves have found each others and boarded the ship of Hello Vietnam Travel together, with the aim of discovering something brand-new. The ship's sailors wish not only to explore the new lands but also help the visitors have chance to join the departure as well as experience the unique and interesting moments, which are like nothing visitors have experienced before. Hello Vietnam Travel promises you the memorable time once you reach our lovely country of Vietnam - HELLO VIETNAM TRAVEL TEAM.

Kim Dung
Kim Dung
Travel Consultant - French Department
Bonjour à tous, je m’appelle Dung, j’ai 23 ans. Ma première passion est de voyager et de faire voyager. Ayant eu la chance de découvrir beaucoup de pays, le Vietnam est toujours mon pays préféré.
Un jour, j’ai accompagné un ami pour sa visite à Hanoi. Tout était nouveau pour moi, alors j’ai décidé de travailler dans une agence de voyage pour mieux comprendre la magie de mon pays. J'ai beaucoup appris en voyageant et en faisant mon travail.
Pour moi, voyager est une nouvelle expérience chaque jour et j'aime partager et échanger ces expériences avec nos clients, nos collègues! De plus, j’ai l’opportunité de toucher à la culture européenne, surtout la culture française, je me crois de pouvoir organiser des supers voyages d’après mes connaissances.
Je voudrais vous inviter à voyager avec nous, à explorer des sites méconnus et à partager vos expériences uniques. Vivez votre voyage avec nous!


Tutie Uyen
Tutie Uyen
Travel Consultant - Italian Department
Buongiorno, mi chiamo Tutie, sono la consulente di viaggio di Hello Vietnam Travel. Ho una grande passione con la lingua italiana.
Un anno abitavo e studiavo in Italia mi insegnava tantissime belle cose. La mia vita univesitaria è diventata indimenticabile grazie agli amici amichevoli in Italia e alle stupende esperienze che gli italiani mi portavano.
Mi piace molto viaggiare e sperimetare i diversi modi di vita. Secondo me viaggiare è il migliore modo per capire il mondo. Tramite un viaggio, abbiamo anche la possibilità di conoscere la gente locale e il loro modo di vita. 
Presentare il nostro paese a tutti gli amici internazionali è il mio sogno. Vorrei raccontare a tutti le nostre belle storie e culture uniche. Il mio preferito slogan è “Il mondo è un libro e chi non viaggia ne legge una pagina soltanto”, la nostra pagina sta aprendo per tutti chi ama viaggiare.


Katrine Puttick
Representative in Cape Town, South Africa
Vietnam is a truly hidden gem that only those visiting the country themselves will be able to feel. Vietnam is affordable, seriously family friendly and offers anything a visitor could want..mountains,beaches with blue warm sea,amazing food and people. Whether a must-see site or an off-the-beaten-path attraction, you will not be disappointed. Plan your trip today to Vietnam and create your next unforgettable journey.
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  • Email:               katrine@hellovietnamtravel.com
  • WhatsApp:      +27 (83) 2611693


Brian Vu
Brian Vu
SEO - Marketing Online & Website Developer
Hi! I'm Brian from Nam Dinh City, the birthplace of Pho, the traditional food of Vietnam and I am a big fan of motorbike travel.
After graduating from university, I used to be a travel consultant for Hello Vietnam Travel but I felt that I was not really good at dealing with complicate numbers. They really made me have headache. I think it was a good reason why I changed my job and now I'm a Marketing-holic, which is very interesting to me.
My major is to optimize the company's websites and make them become the best with convenient functions. With 1 year experience working in tourism industry, I know that which customers and viewers wish from a travel website, which help me have more ideas to make them better and better and then promote them to customers.
During using our website, if you have any concern or ideas to help us improve, don't hesitate to send an email to me or connect with me via Facebook Brian Vu. I'm always here to listen to you!