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Giving out the question seems to be one of visitors' priorities when looking for a perfect holiday. Hello Vietnam Travel considers visitors' concerns the factors making a wonderful journey in Vietnam. If you wonder something about your trip preparation or look for any necessary information, don't hesitate to ask us to receive the most pleasant answers as well as satisfy your inquiries.
Is the tour cheaper if I book services directly on arrival?
In fact, you can find many cheap tour on arrival provided by budget tour operators. Please keep in mind that you pay for what you get.
However, you deserve to have a wonderful holiday with best experience and peace in mind, which should be well prepared in advance. 
We are proud that we are expert in helping you enjoy your trip with our excellent service: our best guides who are always enthusiastic with their job, our itineraries that are tailored made according to your requirement, our nice vehicles with good quality and so on. 
During high season of tourism in Vietnam, good hotels, flights, guides… can be fully booked many months before. Therefore, making reservation services with us in advance is especially a good idea for your trip to Vietnam. 
What can you do with my special requirements?
All you have to do is let us know your needs: something special for your anniversary, young children, physical limitations, diet, food allergy, special interest in outdoor activities, pregnancy… We will try our best to have suitable suggestions to live up to your expectation about the trip. 
What can you do if something goes wrong? 
Your trip is always well taken care by our attentive team. However, if some things are taken out of our hands, you just need to call our staffs via office phone or emergency contact numbers.
How my travel documents are delivered?
When your booking is confirmed and deposit has been made, we will send you our services confirmation via email. E-ticket with full information will also be provided, you  just need to print it out or keep them in your smartphone/iPad/laptop.
Can I cancel or change my itinerary?    
We provide our cancelation policy for all bookings and will try our best to protect your interest in case you really have to cancel the trip. 
If you need to change your itinerary after payment, we’ll try to rearrange services as you wish but it depends on each individual supplier. We therefore take it case by case.    
Will I be charged more money than originally quoted?
Our trips are quoted in USD, so you just need to pay us the amount we agree on the day payment is due. Due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amount taken from your bank account will change on a daily basis if you bank account is not in USD.
We definitely do not ask for any more money unless there is an increase beyond our control for hotels and tours. 
Airfare is subject to change without prior notice until issuing time. Therefore, you are recommended to make payment as soon as possible and issue the ticket to guarantee airfare. 
Will I travel on a private tour or in a group?
We specialize in providing private tour for your best experience and most comfort as well as flexibility. Only your family, friends and you travelling with our guide, so you can ask any questions during the tour to understand our country. It’s really the best way to enjoy your valuable time so make sure you get the most out of it!
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