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Things to Do in Vietnam

If you are asking yourself What to do in Vietnam when travelling to this country, just read here and you will find many interesting things to do in Vietnam. From North to South via Central, you always see that Vietnam, the S-shaped country, will never make you feel bored. Fly to here and enjoy Vietnam travel , which will give you many and many memorable experience.

Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City

14 August 2017
As the young and dynamic city of the South, Ho Chi Minh is the best location for shopping in Vietnam. Everything that you may find in a South East Asia country will be here, whether it is a fashionable white blouse or a traditional “Vietnamese long dress”. 
It is time for us to explore some magnificent locations to hunt for new items in Ho Chi Minh City. Choices range from a local market, modern mall to boutique shops.
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Things to See and Do in Con Dao Islands

04 August 2017

Con Dao - an alluring offshore Vung Tau archipelago is one of the must – see destinations in Vietnam. Including 16 islands and islets, each and every parts of Con Dao bears the distinctive charm. Before recognized as a tourist attraction, this isolated area was once a notorious prison keeping political convicts during Vietnam war. Today, a lot of tourists flock to this group of island not only to admire the beauty of the nature but to know why the phrase “hell on Earth” was named to it.

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The most exciting things to do in Halong bay

25 July 2017

Has long famous for the mind – blowing caverns and stunning seascapes, Halong bay draws thousands of visitors coming yearly to admire the masterpiece of Mother Nature. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong bay is the home of more than 1,900 small and large islands, mostly uninhabited and untouched by human, with the diversity ecological systems and numerous magnificent arches and grottos created by the coastal erosions. Visiting here, tourists cannot simply observe the outstanding sceneries but take part in a wide range of interesting activities in this charming property.

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5 Best Places for Shopping in Hanoi

21 July 2017
Street shopping has appeared in Vietnam for a long time that forms 36 Old Quarter - a shopping hub selling distinctive items in Hanoi. Hence, in the time of modernization and industrialization, the number of luxurious mega malls increase rapidly for more essential needs. Here are 5 best shopping places that you can experience in Hanoi.
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Mai Chau – The Soul of mountainous area in Vietnam

30 April 2017

Mai Chau is a mountainous area of Hoa Binh province, the Northwestern Vietnam. This destination attracts a large amount of visitors because of its pristine beauty, clean air, multicultural space of local people, and unique culinary. 

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The Best Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

12 February 2017

With a dense system of canals and rivers, Mekong Delta has an ideal condition for waterway’s development that Floating Markets is unique highlights for this feature. Along with the big turning point of Vietnam history, Floating Markets always offer a taste of extremely bustling sphere of rural markets, where tourists can attach with wild nature and make acquaintance with friendly native people. In Floating Market, all kinds of goods are piled up into merchants’ boats, from commodities to garden tools or crafts. Floating Markets exist in all province of Mekong Delta but each regions has their own characteristics. The list below may be suitable choices for you:

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