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Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City

By: Black Johnson - 08/14/2017
As the young and dynamic city of the South, Ho Chi Minh is the best location for shopping in Vietnam. Everything that you may find in a South East Asia country will be here, whether it is a fashionable white blouse or a traditional “Vietnamese long dress”. 
It is time for us to explore some magnificent locations to hunt for new items in Ho Chi Minh City. Choices range from a local market, modern mall to boutique shops.
1.    Ben Thanh Market
Located in district 1, Saigon, Ben Thanh Market features iconic products in the entire region. There will be hardly any local market as suitable for shopping in Ho Chi Minh as this place. However, concentrate on the way if you do not want to get lost in the maze of authentic vendors.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh
Local Products in Ben Thanh Market
There is a lot to expect in Ben Thanh Market, especially the bustling trading activities of the local. Blend in the crowd to find a great selection of typical clothes, accessories, although most of them are based on Vietnamese standard. 
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 2
Beautiful Handmade Goods
Otherwise, tourists will encounter a huge number of goods like coffee beans, spices, and local fruits, filling the air with tropical scent. If you wish to buy handmade crafts, here will be an ideal location for your shopping in Saigon.
  • You May Find: Local Products, Vietnamese Handmade Products, Traditional Foods and Beverage
2.    Saigon Square
Another local market you should consider shopping is Saigon Square in District 1. This is a two-storey building, containing a wide variety of fashion, jewelry shops. Unlike Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Square has air-conditioner, making it more comfortable during crazy summer days, and it is easier to bargain for a better price.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 3
Clothes on Sale in Saigon Square
Shopping in Saigon Square is more like a small adventure, wandering aimlessly and you may find a great little gem. Clothes, bags, accessories are common goods available in this market, but you should keep in mind that their quality is often questionable.
  • You May Find: Electronic Devices, Cheap Clothes, and Accessories
3.    Vincom center
Want to buy luxurious items in Ho Chi Minh? Time to check out Vincom center, one of the biggest malls in the city. Visitors can find high-end products in the center including cosmetics, electronic devices, and so on. This will be an excellent choice to show your passion for the most modern items in Asia.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 5
A Great Modern Mall in Saigon
Nonetheless, the price will be fixed and some of them are very expensive in exchange for top notch and original quality. As it really easy to navigate around, try to stop in a food court and restaurant to restore your energy and continue your adventure.
  • You May Find: Modern Tools and Equipment, High-end Clothes and Accessories, Famous Cosmetic Brands
4.    Saigon Center
A new contemporary building opened in mid-2016 has become a new hub for high-end items and clothes in Ho Chi Minh City. With over hundreds brands from all over the world, you will be able to find excellent heels on the street of Saigon city or a perfect necklace for your night party. Venture around and try each exquisite product while being served by professional staffs. Like most other malls, there are various foods and drinks in Saigon Center, including the iconic Vietnamese coffee.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 6
Luxurious Clothes in the Mall
  • You May Find: Modern Tools and Equipment, High-end Clothes and Accessories, Famous Cosmetic Brands
5.    L’Usine
If you want to explore the recent Vietnamese trend among younger generations, it is high time for us to pay a visit to a few lovely fashion boutiques in Saigon. The first well-known one is L’Usine, located on Le Loi Street (District 1). This boutique is famous for its special style of mixing new fashion collection, an art gallery and a lovely coffee shop. It is said that visitors in L’Usine will be able to escape from the busy street in Ho Chi Minh and that is no exaggeration.
Adding with fascinating interior, L’Usine offers a wide range of Vietnamese labels made by Vietnamese designers and foreign ones. There is also a good selection of Vietnamese dishes and drinks, allowing you to relax before continuing your adventure.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 8
A Corner of Boutique Items
  • You May Find: Unique Clothes and Accessories, Vietnamese Coffee Beans
6.    Cong Tri
Nguyen Cong Tri is one of the most well-known fashion designers in Vietnam and he put a lot of creativity and effort into his works. With 10 collections already released, each one of them contains a one-of-a-kind style, some designs are too daring for Vietnamese people. You will have a chance to contemplate his masterpieces in his showroom on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. Take time and let his artistic pieces of works lead you from one world to another. (The location is also near Reunification Palace, so you can consider it as a bonus)
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 9
The Front of Cong Tri Showroom
  • You May Find: Stunning Collection made by a Famous Vietnamese Designer
7.    Magonn
Magonn is a lovely fashion boutique for visitors from in and outside of the country to enjoy. The two main designers, Phuc and Ngo, are passionate about promoting the European and American style to fashion lovers in the country. Many of their works bring the classical feelings while others contain the contemporary style.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 10
A Cozy Boutique in Ho Chi Minh
Magonn’s collections are promised to be comfy and light and most importantly, a reasonable price for a lovely piece of clothes.
  • You May Find: Vietnamese Clothes with Western Style
8.    Tran Phu and Dong Khoi Street
In Vietnam, it is possible to find both cheap reproduction of famous works, and also great paintings from Vietnamese artist as well. While strolling on Tran Phu and Dong Khoi Street, you will encounter some art galleries like Le Xuan Art Gallery for quality works. If you simply want to buy a low price product, keep looking around and eventually, you will found a nice souvenir during a Vietnam package tour.
Top Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh 11
Discover the World of Vietnamese Art
  • You May Find: Cheap or High-quality Drawings and Pictures
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