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Bac Ha

10 July 2015
Bắc Hà is a rural district of Lào Cai Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, the north borders with Si Ma Cai district, the South borders with Bao Yen and Bao Thang district, the East borders with Xin Man district (Ha Giang), the West borders with Muong Khuong district. It belongs to limestone highland region and consists of many mountain ranges with narrow valleys. It is a the home to Flower Hmong, one of the 54 minorities of Vietnam and of the six groups of Hmong people.
Bac Ha has some famous cultural and historical relics such as Hoang A Tuong ancient house- built in 1914 and finished in 1921. Through the ups and downs of history, the ancient house still stands impressively and outstanding in the center of crowded residential area. Recognized as national cultural and historical relics, this cultural relics has contributed for researchers on architecture, history and society of mountainous ethnic groups. 
Along with cultural and historical relics, Bac Ha has many fantastic and beautiful landscapes such as Co Tien mountain which is not only beauty on environment attractions but also contains many folk legends.
Bac Ha is well-known most for its Sunday morning market- where thousands of locals gathered, the women dressed in their very unique handmade costumes. Bac Ha Market is one of the biggest and best in all of North Vietnam.  The energy and color of the Flower Hmong People give the area a unique feature. It takes place every morning in Bac Ha town. If you want to witness the bustle of the market, the best way is to get up early and leave before the crowds of tourists arrive on the buses between 10am and 11am. Visiting the market, you will get an insight into the locals’ life, feel colorful corner of their life. 
Bắc Hà is also famous for its Tam Hoa plums-the flowers of the tree must bloom three times before the fruits are ripe. Tam Hoa plums are different from those in other regions. Bac Ha's plums are greenish-red while those of Lang Son District are pink.
This will be a fresh experience for those who want to discover this mysterious area.