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10 July 2015
If you are looking for a chance to learn about ethnic culture while tasting the best Vietnamese coffee ever, Pleiku – Gia Rai is completely an ideal destination which can meet your demand. Pleiku is famous for its diverse coffee fields as well as the traditional coffee flavour with many cultural festivals lasting for generations.
1. Dragon Mountain:
Dragon Mountain is an attractive place where the morning is the most wonderful time for you to contemplate the beauty at its best. The mountain is considered as the roof of the whole Pleiku and is also the most wonderful place where you can enjoy the panorama of this verdant city. Another name of this mountain is Chu HDrong associated to a love legend of the beautiful lady named Chu HDrong. She is a powerful chieftain’s daughter falling in love with a hard and truthful man born in a poor family. Despite the disagreement of her father and jealousy of Ro Mah Hem, a rich villager, the couple still love and had a mutual vow.  One time, she was killed by Ro Mah Hem’s arrow, also when her father recognized his mistake and admitted their love. Her darling carried her corpse, walked and walked to an unidentified horizon where a lonely mountain later sprang up and called Chu HDrong Mountain.
2. Bien Ho:
Bien Ho, known as Pleiku’s eyes is a beautiful lake owning warm and aquamarine water all year round. The lake looks like a mirror on a towering plateau for sky reflect itself. It is also associated with numerous mysteries and legends making it more and more attractive. It deserved to be the Pleiku’s pearl that all visitors arriving in the Central Highlands region cannot ignore. Flat asphalt road running through rugged gorges, vertical mossy cliffs coloured by vivid yellow honeysuckle dust will lead you to the lakeshore where there is a charm scenery waiting for you.
3. Minh Thanh Pagoda:
Minh Thanh Pagoda is an ideal place for those who admire the different religious views as well as a peaceful ambiance. The pagoda turns up with a majestic tower in a massive precinct that looks extremely attractive.
4. Pleiku prison site:
If you desire to explore the historic war in Vietnam, let’s pay a visit to Pleiku prison site where stores numerous exhibits used in the time before 1975 as well as diverse forms of torture. Visiting the prison, you will have chance to discover about the famous historic Tay Nguyen campaign of the Vietnamese.
5. Waterfalls:
Additionally, Pleiku is also the concentration of many beautiful waterfalls such as Phu Cuong, Xung Khoeng and Le Kim waterfalls. All of them are the paradise of fantastic natural beauty which surely you will admire their unforgettable scenery. Or you can visit a nearby traditional coffee village to enjoy the flavour of local coffee.
6. Kon Ka Kinh National Park:
Last but not least, consider paying a visit to Kon Ka Kinh National Park where you can have an exhaustive look at the diversity of Biology, Geology as well as the information of Natural Reserve. Thanks to its various fauna and flora, the park is ideal destination for any discovery spirit. especially, the Kon Ka Kinh laughingthrush helps to make the park become an important bird area.