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Top 6 Unique Vietnamese Foods You Should Try

By: Bich Phuong - 13 February 2017

Vietnam is an extraordinarily ideal place for those who love to discover the beauty of international food culture. Like many Asian countries for a long time ago, Vietnam depends on agricultural production. It is understandable that Vietnam specialties always make from cereals, especially rice. Although there is some similar elements for food ingredients among neighbor countries such as China, Korea and Japan, Vietnam foods stills creates their own unique features. It is a harmonious combination of both skillful hands of Vietnamese and available local products. Let’s come to Top 6 Unique Vietnamese Foods that you cannot be irresistible when you travel around this beautiful land:

1. Com lam (Steamed sticky rice in bamboo tubes)

Setting foot on the moutainous areas of Southwestern Vietnam, everyone certainly has the opportunity to taste Com lam, a familiar food of ethnic groups here.  All processes for making it are extremely simple. The best rice of local people has to be soaked in water from 6-8 hours. Rice is stuffed into bamboo tubes before being grilled on the kitchen fire. A special thing is that the natural flavor of rice and bamboo tubes is remained in Com lam. Moreover, this food can be added juice of some herbs if anyone wants to create the diversity of colors itself.
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2. Thit trau gac bep

It is another typical specialty of Thai people on the Southwest area in Vietnam. The lean meat of adult buffalos will be cut into small parts before being blended with some species such as chilies, salt, ginger… After that, the native people hang it on the attic of their kitchen about one year. The buffalo meat is cooked gradually by the heat of kitchen fire. It really creates unique flavor for this dish with the hot taste of species and the lightly sweet savor of buffalo meat. 
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3. Com

Travelling around Hanoi, the historical capital of Vietnam, visitor cannot miss the opportunity to taste Com, a local dish of Hanoiyans. It is said that Com is a precious gift of the Mother of Nature. Every year, local people harvest the young sticky rice from paddy field for Com’s material. Experiencing a complicated process, Com has a lightly green color with charming fragment of wild rice field in Vietnam. A long time ago, Com is wrapped in lotus leaves because it is the best way to remain the Com’s natural flavor as the initial time.
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4. Pho

It became an iconic food of Vietnam because this food is loved by many places all over the world. Pho usually became a popular food for daily breakfast of Vietnamese many years ago. The main ingredient of this food is rice noodles with small shape and naturally white colors. Meat or beef is piled up above rice noodles. Besides, some kinds of herbs are added to enhance the special taste for this dish. An appealing bowl of Pho has the perfect broth which is made by skillfull chefs.
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5. Bun thang

If you satisfy with rice noodles in Vietnam, Bun thang is one of perfect choices. It is also a specialty in Hanoi, but its cooking processes are far more complex than other categories of rice noodles. There is a long recipe of this traditional food including rice noodles, chicken, chicken eggs, gio lua, shrimps, pork bone. A bowl of Bun thang is a harmonious combination between its various colors of materials and its 5 typical flavors.
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6. Nem (Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls)

Nem went onto every family menu of Vietnamese for a long time thanks to both its simple cooking methods and its priceless benefits for health. All needed components just include meat, favorite vegetables and several herbs. After being blending together, mixture is wrapped into rice papers and dumped into hot oil. Each roll of Nem is really tasty and crispy which brings to a brand-new experience for eaters.
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