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Vietnamese Bread – Street Culinary Art from South to North

By: Brian Vu - 26 May 2016
Let’s learn about some types of famous Vietnamese bread from South to North and see which one is the best for you!

Vietnamese Bread – Street Culinary Art from South to North

In Ho Chi Minh City
Originated from French Baguette Bread, Vietnamese bread are modified to be shorter with crispier exterior and less condensed interior in order to make it fit for dining habit of the Vietnamese. Just need to add some meats and vegetables into, you immediately have a Saigon Bread, one of the most popular one in Vietnam.
vietnamese bread
The traditional bread with meat (looking like hamburger), which is added with butter, oil, pate, ham, cucumber and herb, is always considered as the most delicious bread in Vietnam.
vietnamese bread 2
People in Ho Chi Minh City (former name: Saigon) usually have breakfast with a special bread named banh mi bi (bread with pig’s skin) but it’s not the same at every stall. The special sauce is made from thinh, fish sauce, onion and organic, which creates the unique impression of this Vietnamese bread.
vietnamese bread 3
In Da Lat
Put in a small bowl, each xiu mai ingredient is full of soup, xiu mai ball, pig’s skin, cha que and some onion. Once enjoying, you will feel spicy taste of chili, sweetness of bones in broth with hot bread. It’s amazing for quite cold weather in Da Lat. If you happen to visit Da Lat, don’t miss this bread.
vietnamese bread 4
In Nha Trang
Compared with original Saigon Bread, Nha Trang Bread is famous for hollow interior, crispy exterior without butter. So, it is never boring whatever you enjoy with milk or not. Cha ca Bread is the most famous in Nha Trang. Cha ca is made from marinated and sliced meat of mackerel or basa and then fried until turning yellow. When it is combined with vegetable and put into bread, you will have a very tasty meal.
vietnamese bread 5
Thanks to particular thinness and crispness, Nha Trang Bread is completely suitable to enjoy with sauces: stew beef and cow lagu.
vietnamese bread 6
In Hoi An
Visiting Hoi An, surely you cannot bypass the famous Phuong Bread. Vegetable, sauce and exterior create its particularity. The gourmet will realize that its exterior is a little harder than bread in Saigon and Hanoi that help Phuong Bread not to be too soft when using with its 3 special sauces. Additionally, it attracts visitors by the unique herb grown in Hoi An only.
vietnamese bread 7
In Hanoi
Thanks to 4-season weather, bread is modified into many types in Hanoi. It’s impossible to forget their flavours once visiting Vietnam’s capital City.
vietnamese bread 8
Fried potato and nem chua are main ingredients which make bread in Hanoi particular.
vietnamese bread 9
Banh mi chao (pan bread) is an evidence for the particularity of Hanoi breads. Once ordering, the seller will give you a set served in an iron pan with egg, pate and meat which are still hot.
vietnamese bread 10
In Hai Phong
The Hai Phong spicy bread is one of the most popular and famous in Vietnam. It is small, long, crispy with pate and particular spicy-delicious taste.
vietnamese bread 11

Come to Vietnam, discover from South to North and enjoy Vietnamese bread!

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