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Top 12 Delicious Vietnamese Dishes for Western Visitors

By: Brian Vu - 29 May 2016
These are 12 famous delicious Vietnamese dishes for visitors to try at least once. Have you ever tried these dishes?
1. PHO
Pho is one of famous Vietnamese dishes and available in many countries in the world. Pho is soft and used with sauce, chicken or beef, vegetables, herbs and spices which create the memorable flavour. Although Pho is originated from the North of Vietnam, it’s now popular in almost provinces in the country as a favourite breakfast.
Vietnamese Dishes
Recently, bread has been very famous. Originated from France, bread now offers the creative internal part made by the Vietnamese style such as butter, pate, pork, herbs and sauce . Bread is popularly wrapped by papers and enjoyed for breakfast. Very interesting!
Vietnamese Dishes 2
The name says all! Hue beef vermicelli is originated from Hue, the Vietnam’s former capital. The big noodle is combined with  beef and mong gio. If you are a gourmet, you will realize that citronella is the most important ingredient to create this dish. Before enjoying, the locals usually add lemon and chili into this amazing food.
Vietnamese Dishes 3
Rice is the daily meal of the Vietnamese as well as other Asian countries. From the standard markets to restaurants and households, you will always see Vietnamese people eat rice. Specially, when you decide to enjoy a meal at a rice stall, you will see a table of make kinds of food which looks like a buffet party. After getting your rice, you will choose the additive foods on that table and you will pay money based on the definite value of them.
Vietnamese Dishes 4
Bun cha seems to be a slight dish in Vietnam and popular for girls and ladies who don’t want to be fat. Originated from Hanoi, bun cha is combined with grilled pork, vermicelli, vegetables and sour-sweet sauce.
Vietnamese Dishes 5
Banh xeo in Vietnam and Western crepe are quite alike but the external of banh xeo is crispier because of being fried fast. The stalls serving this food are eye-catching with the image of yellow cakes fried with shrimp, pork, beef and bean sprouts. Then banh xeo is folded into a half and enjoyed with sauce.
Vietnamese Dishes 6
In the north and south, this food is called nem cuon and goi cuon respectively. You need to distinguish this food and nem ran of which name is quite similar. Nem cuon (or goi cuon) is wrapped in a rice paper, the internal part includes vermicelli, meat, shrimp and vegetable, then enjoyed with sour-sweet sauce. This dish is very easy to eat.
Vietnamese Dishes 7
This is a cuisine in the north of Vietnam. Banh cuon is made from rice flour and laminated on a round piece of cloth put on a pot of boiling water. Sellers quickly laminate the liquid of rice flour and sprinkle with meat and black mushroom before rolling into pieces. Banh cuon is also enjoyed with sour-sweet sauce but lighter than bun cha.
Vietnamese Dishes 8
Cao lau is known as a cuisine in Hoian, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Central of Vietnam. This dish is made from big yellow flat noodle mixed with flatten pork, fried pig skin, herbs and bean sprouts.
Vietnamese Dishes 9
This is really the Vietnamese smoothies which will be added with cream, sugar syrup, milk and fruit juice. Butter frappe is not-to-be-missed cuisine for all visitors.
Vietnamese Dishes 10
“Cà phê” (coffee) is one of easiest Vietnamese words to learn. In Vietnam, coffee is processed in a metal filter and enjoyed with milk and ice that is called “nau da”. Once visiting Hanoi, don’t miss chance to enjoy egg coffee offering flavour of egg also. Coffee is a popular culture of Vietnamese people.
Vietnamese Dishes 11
Drinking beer is also a culture of Vietnamese people. It’s easy to see beer stalls opening until midnight and being full of men and teenagers. Instead of enjoying beer in bottles of producers, visitors are very excited with the Vietnamese beer called bia hoi taken directly from a faucet. It’s light and cool, which is amazing to enjoy with some street foods.
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