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10 Must-Try Dishes in Hoi An Ancient Town

By: Brian Vu - 27 May 2016
Chicken rice, Cao lau or sweet soup are appealing names with every tourists. Besides nice tourist spots in the ancient town, delicious dishes in Hoi An is also what attracts travelers here.
Chicken rice
One of the delights of Hoi An that you should not overlook is the chicken rice. This dish is so much loved that many travel magazine and flyers devote a section to introduce. Hoi An chicken rice is very eye-catching with bright yellow color of rice, green salad and white chicken meat, and then diners often add a little red chilly. Initially, diners may find this an unfamiliar dishes and not very exciting, once tasting it, you will quickly realize that it has an irresistible charm.
Dishes in Hoi An
Quang Noodle
After wandering on the streets, you could stop at a small restaurant to taste the famous Quang noodles and quench the hunger which begins to “protest”. This dish consists of rice noodles, shrimp, pork, chicken, baked bread, salad and a little broth. You should mix well so that all the components are blended together. Then the noodle becomes wet but soft and chewy, such a delicious specialty!
Dishes in Hoi An 2
Cao Lau
This is another name for a special type of golden brown noodle. This dish is similar with Quang noodle but be eaten with bean sprouts, barbecue pork, fried pork skin and greaves. In addition, a little bit special sauce, fragrant dough and raw vegetables are also added. Diners just need to mix the ingredients and start eating.
Dishes in Hoi An 3
Hoanh Thanh (Wonton)
Wonton appears in three forms: soup, fried wonton and noodle. These are often eaten in the afternoon before enjoying the main course at dinner. The main ingredients include flour, eggs and shrimp. After blending, flour and eggs are cut into small square pieces, which role as the crust. The inside includes crushed spiced shrimp. Wonton broth is cooked with pineapple, tomatoes and mushrooms. You will be served with a small green vegetable dish and this is a perfect combination of the dishes.
Dishes in Hoi An 4
Banh Dap – Hen xao – Dap cake and sauteed mussels
Dap cake is a combination of baked coated cake, wet coated cake and some other materials. Green beans wipe wet cake was drunk puree then placed between two pieces of baked roll. After that, people tap on the cakes so the two pieces stick together. This must be done very cleverly so two layers do not crumble. When reaching a reasonable thickness, the cake will be doubled again and later served with a dish of sauteed mussels. To eat the dish in style, it should be dotted with the fish sauce which is prepared from sugar, onion, chopped pineapple, garlic and green chilli. You can get to Ba Gia Stall in the Village 1, Cam Nam district to enjoy this famous dish.
Dishes in Hoi An 5
Banh Bao and Banh Vac – Dumplings
They are two different kind of cake but usually served at the same time in the same dish. It is in rose-shaped so many people call it “rose cake”. Ingredients include rice, crushed fresh shrimp mixed with salt, pepper, onion and other spices. In addition, people often add mushrooms, bean sprout, pork ..
Dishes in Hoi An 6
Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s addresses where famous for bread and is praised by international press for tasty burger. Bread in Hoi An consist of pate, steak, herbs and special sauces, which make a compelling difference of each loaf. Crispy crust is combined with the fleshy inside makes everyone attracted.
Dishes in Hoi An 7
Banh Beo
This is the only dish which not sold at the center of ancient town but still wanted by a lot of people. Like many other places, beo cake is set in small bowls. The top of beo cake is crushed pink shrimp, black pepper and green onion. Depending on taste, you can add chili or fish sauce to increase the deliciousness. The way to eat beo cake is pretty special : not using chopsticks or spoons but bamboo knife. That’s why diners find it very interesting and unique way of enjoy food.
Dishes in Hoi An 8
Wet cake and meat skewer
Wet cake – meat skewer is most sold along the Hoai River shore. This snack is loved by both the elder and children. A full ration includes meat skewer, wet cake, vegetables and sauces which requires a very complicated preparation. The meat is grilled on spot so it’s always hot and fragrant. Meat skewer is put in a thin crusts, green vegetables and served with gelatinous sauce, which creates an exotic taste. Therefore, many people do not just stop at one or two but often order for many more rations.
Dishes in Hoi An 9
Sweet Che
A small bowl of sweet che which scents the flavor of coconut and glows attractive colors is always alluring with tourists. For the sweet tooth, sweet che is a perfect choice with lovely taste of sugar, coconut oil and the fragrance of banana. You can choose many different types such as maize, beans, red beans …
Dishes in Hoi An 1
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