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The Delicious Cuisines in Bao Loc, Dalat You Should Not Miss

By: Brian Vu - 09 June 2016
Bao Loc is not only famous for its green tea plantations or the majestic Dambri waterfall, but also its attractive dishes such as honey bread baked with salt and chili. If you have chance to travel to Dalat, don't miss chance to enjoy these cuisines in Bao Loc, of which flavour will make you like.

Travel to Dalat, Enjoy the Not-to-be-Missed Cuisines in Bao Loc

In mornings in Bao Loc, you can try different dishes, but in the chilly of the morning, it is great idea to enjoy
dishes with hot water. This is a bowl of poached beef noodles with bold flavor, soft beef.

In addition, you could also try minced meat noodles with the price of around 1 USD.
Beef noodle is a popular dish for breakfast at most of the restaurants in Bao Loc. 
O Lan crab vermicelli dish is the best and most enjoyable dish in Bao Loc. A bowl of noodle is filled with a variety of ingredients 
such as crab, sausage, and tofu. But the most impressive thing is the pork marinated, crispy in the mouth without feeling bored.
If you wish, you could order to put pork seperately
A bowl of dry noodles is also appreciated which is cooked in the style of Chinese people. It is a should –try dish when coming to Bao Loc.
Crossing the town square area, you could encounter plenty of restaurants selling grilled nem similar to those in Nha Trang. 
The most unique dish you must try is honey bread baked with salt and chili. The bread is spread a layer of honey and then grilled over the charcoal, added a little salt and chili. When it is cooked, it is crunchy with both sweet and spicy flavor. It is awesome to enjoy this dish in the drizzle in Bao Loc.
In the evening, you can visit roadside restaurant to enjoy barbecue such as seafood including shrimp, squid, octopus, pork, chicken, etc.
A sweet soup restaurant near the cathedral in Bao Loc sells a lot of snacks, for example the pig skin cake in the picture.
The most delicious dish may be the chestnut sweet soup. Chestnut is wrapped by layers of sticky powder which is not too sweet.
Hue rolls with the price of around 20 cents
It is a pity if you visit Bao Loc without enjoying a cup of coffee. 
At the shop, there is also a delicious blueberries smoothie.

Cuisines in Bao Loc - What you must try in your travel in Dalat, Vietnam

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