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Top 5 Best Street Foods in Hoian

By: Brian Vu - 02 October 2017
Located  at the heart of Cen Vietnam, Hoian is a must-see stop when you spend timetime traveling in this charming country due to its ancient beauty, unique architectural characteristics and incredibly diverse culture, etc. Besides, there is one more essential thing to talk about Hoian that is its out-of-this-world cuisine. Today, we would like to present to you top 5 best street foods in Hoian, the ones you should not miss.

My Quang (Quang Noodle)

If you are a big fan of Pho, then you should try the fantastic My Quang. It is often smaller than Pho, so you don’t have to worry about not finish one. An original My Quang usually contains rice noodle, pork, chicken, shrimp, fresh herbs, eggs, together with pork ribs broth. Do not remember to mix them all carefully and add your favorite spices to feel a harmonious combination of different flavours. Considered as one of the best street foods in Hoian, My Quang can be found at every street corners as well as luxurious restaurant, so take your time and enjoy such a charming dish.
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Cao Lau

Another version of Pho should be listed in the list is Cao Lau. It is like a dry version of Pho in Hanoi, but a little bit more spicy and incredibly flavoursome. Cao Lau brings to tourists a mixture of special tastes: sweetness of roasted pork, freshness of herbs and boiled bean sprouts. Cao Lau is usually recommended by a lot of Hoian street food tours and itineraries.
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Banhmi Hoian

Banhmi, the Vietnamese version of French baguette, is famous for its unique taste and lovely secret inside. As a person who has sampled Banhmi in every region in Vietnam, in my opinion, Hoian Banhmi should be simply the best. It is not just a simple baguette that you taste often and get fed up with, this one is all about incredibly careful and skillful mixture of local secret ingredients. Hoian Banhmi often consist of paté, roasted pork, Vietnamese sausages, special home-made chilly sauce, fried eggs, herbs.
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BanhUot with Barbecued Pork

This lovely dish will attract you from the first look. BanhUot, which is made from rice flour, is so easy to eat at anytime of the day. A good thing is that the local BanhUot shop owners will not grill the pork until some customers come to their shops, so the pork and other ingredients are always fresh and tasty. All you need to do is to wrap barbecue pork ina leaf of BanhUot, few pieces of tiny sweet papaya and herbs, taste it with local home-made chilly sauce, and you can thank me later.
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Hoian Che

Che or sweet soup is considered to be an all time favorite food of Vietnamese people of all ages and genders. It is really healthy and fresh with jelly, fruits, yogurt, coconut milk, etc., which helps us stay away from the heat of hot summer days. Hoian Che is listed here because it also has many different types for us to choose with never-cheaper prices. Itis often said to be one of the best desserts after large meat parties in Vietnam.
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Here is the list of 5 of many interesting and delicious dishes in Hoian. If you want to taste more Hoian foods or other specialties throughout Vietnam, do not hesitate to check out our Vietnam culinary tours .