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Mai Chau – The Soul of Mountainous Area in Vietnam

By: Bich Phuong - 30 April 2017

Mai Chau is a mountainous area of Hoa Binh province, the Northwestern Vietnam. This destination attracts a large amount of visitors because of its pristine beauty, clean air, multicultural space of local people, and unique culinary. 

Apart from the busy atmosphere of big cities, Mai Chau offers a feeling of tranquility and serene for every tourist. Every corner of Mai Chau is covered with ranges of mountains combining the sublime beauty of terraces of local people.
Mai Chau 1
Mai Chau is really an ideal destination for anyone who wants to seek a peaceful place for their trips. In the morning, you can enjoy fresh atmosphere in a beautiful mountainous area of Vietnam. There is no noisy sound of vehicles, there is no stuffy air of an industrialized city. Instead, you can hear the fun sound of native birds on the mountains and on the boughs. 
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The weather in Mai Chau is extremely comfortable for visitors. From October to December, it is the beginning time of winter in Vietnam. It is also the season of plum flowers and hoa dao (peach blossom) covering the vast mountains of Mai Chau.
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From March to April, the weather is warmer and it is the season of Ban flower – a native flower as well as symbol of the Southwestern of Vietnam mountainous area. Certainly, you will have wonderful photos with those beautiful flowers!  At that time, the local people often organize traditional festivals, which help you to discover the cultural diversity of ethnic groups in Mai Chau.
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Besides, you can also discover daily life of local people by cycling around mountainous villages. Every day, local people with their agriculture tools work hard on their fields in the morning. Sometimes, woman with traditional customs sit next to looms for weaving beautiful brocade clothes. 
Going around the paddy fields of local people, you can feel a green color covering all corners of Mai Chau. In the crop season, those fields turn into yellow because of the color of ripe rice. Gong Vo is a traditional tool of local people for pumping water from streams to terraces in higher altitudes. It is also functioned as rice mortar of indigenous people.
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There are many attractive sites in Mai Chau, which serves for both sightseeing and hiring accommodation you can choose.
Thung Khe Pass
Thung Khe Pass is situated at en elevation of 1000m. It is well-known as one of the most favorite places for sightseeing in Mai Chau. Standing on the peak of Thung Khe Pass, you can enjoy the significant landscape of Mai Chau Valley far away. On this pass, there is also a small market selling local foods and other specialties of this mountainous area.
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Pom Coong Village
Pom Cong Village is a long standing residence of Thai people – a ethnic minoritiy in Vietnam. Visiting this beautiful place, you can enjoy the wild beauty of an picturesque land. Thai’s village is built nearby the natural stream with surrounding rice paddies. There are blocks of stilt houses following traditional architecture of Thai people. Bamboo trees and wood are two main materials of those houses with tiled roofs or grass roofs. The floor of stilt houses is about 2 meters above the ground.
Mai Chau 7
Below the floor, you can often watch Thai women sitting next to their looms for weaving traditional customs. Besides, there are small souvenir shops under the floor of stilt houses, which sell typical products of Pom Coong village such as brocade bags, brocade clothes, and bracelet of Thai people.
Lac Village
Lac Village is also an ideal destination for tourists when visiting Mai Chau. Until more than 700 years ago, Thai Den people chose this place for their settlement. Like people in Pom Coong village, the local people earn for their life by farming and weaving brocade. Nowadays, they also supply accommodations for visitors by homestay services. Staying around the cultural space of Thai Den people, you can also enjoy their interesting community activities such as mua xoe and nhay sap – the traditional dances of local people.
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