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Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh City

By: Bich Phuong - 12 February 2017

Located on the Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is not only well-known as the most prosperous city, but for historical values of Vietnamese throughout many generations. In 17th century, Lords of Nguyen dynasty chose this place as Vietnam capital where they settled and built army forces. During 19th century, French colonies turned Ho Chi Minh into the richest city in Vietnam, which was called as “Pearl of Indochina” or “Western Paris”. For this reason, Almost its ancient construction in 19th century was affected deeply by French architecture. It is clearly seen that Ho Chi Minh City is a perfect combination between the past and the present, Vietnam historical perspectives and French cultural values. 

1. Cu Chi tunnels

At the present, Cu Chi Tunnel becomes a famous underground museum, which showcases the extraordinary creation of Vietnamese during defense against French invasion in 19th century. Until the period of American Imperialism (1964-1975), it was said that the system of Cu Chi tunnel reached to 250km, which included thousands of small branches and lots of stacked layers. The tunnel like a steroid village with a complex of bedrooms, kitchens, meeting places, food storage, and trenches. In the war, it is a secret place for Communist soldiers and local people when enemy attacked them. Although French and US army spent lots of money in order to destroy Cu Chi tunnel, all of their efforts failed because of the huge network of tunnel and patriotism of Vietnamese.
Best Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh

2. Independence Palace

Independence Palace is a massive structure in the period of US Imperialism with modern design at that time.  When Vietnam was divided into 2 opposite regions in 1945, this site was owned by Southern Vietnam Army force. Like White House in the US, it is functioned for the president family’s accommodation and important conference of government. On the top floor of this building, there is an aerial escape route for helicopters. More than 40 years ago, the Independence Palace witnessed the most glorious mark of Communist army. After releasing a vast land of Southern Vietnam, Communist Soldiers attacked successfully this place- the head quarter of Vietnam dictatorship, and brought Vietnam into reunification.   
Best Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh 2

3. Ho Chi Minh Opera House

In the early 19th century, French built this building for entertainment purpose, so its architecture is influenced clearly by "flamboyant" style at the period of French Third Republic. The Opera House owned the modern facilities with 1800 seats and a full system of lights, sounds. Experiencing a long period of Vietnam history, this place has played an indispensable role for many generations in Ho Chi Minh City. 
Best Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh 3

4. War Remnants museum

After reunification in 1975, Vietnam government established War Remnants museum where displays the War Crimes of Imperialism and its devastating consequences for human beings. The museum restored more than 1500 records of documents, relics, and films which reminds a painful time of Vietnam War.  This destination really sends meaningful messages about desire for peace of Vietnam people to both the next generations and foreign friends.
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5. Notre-Dame Cathedral 

Built in the late 19th century, it is a unique architecture replicating from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. A special thing is that this Cathedral’s materials were entirely imported from France with 2.5 million franc of cost. Until now, it still restored many priceless antiquities, which is typical for France culture such as 6 ancient bronze bells representing for 6 notes, an old organ – one of the most ancient music instruments in Vietnam.
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6. Ben Thanh market

Built in 1914 by French colonialist, Ben Thanh market becomes a bustling trading market of the Southern Vietnam. Four gates of the market direct to 4 main streets of Ho Chi Minh City, each of them is fixed with a clock tower. Nowadays, it has more than 300 kiosks with a variety of consumer goods and food services. This market is also voted as top-ranking of the world most wonderful cuisine market by USA Today.
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