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Top 8 Best Places to Visit in Hue

By: Bich Phuong - 05 February 2017

Throughout thousand years of Vietnam history, Hue still remains itself the peacefully romantic beauty of natural landscapes with the elegant style of the local people. It is understandable that Hue became one of most endless inspirations for Vietnam poets and composers. This “Dreamy City” always permeates the priceless values of nature and history punctuating for the Vietnamese Central land. Touring around Hue, the list below may be an ideal destination for you:

1. Hue Imperial Citadel
In 1993, Hue was officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the previous time, it used to be the Vietnam capital under the Nguyen Dynasty (1805-1945). Hue imperial citadel witnessed big marks of Vietnam history during 19th century from the beginning period of French colonists to the success of August Revolution. Measuring approximately 10 km in length, 6.6m in height and 21m thick, the Imperial City of Hue is well-known as one of the most massive structure with the involvement of thousands of workers. This historic citadel is divided into 3 rounds: namely Outside Citadel, Royal Citadel, and Forbidden Citadel. Around the citadel, a canal system was created that was considered as a part of protective tools for inside citadel.
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2. Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda was built on a picturesque land where Ha Khe hill and Perfume River nearby has. Legends have it that there was an old women sitting on the Ha Khe hill - the standing location of this pagoda nowadays. She told the local people that a Buddist pagoda would be rebuilt by a Lord for the everlasting survive of nation. After that, she disappeared. That story is the orginal name of Thien Mu Pagoda (Heavenly Lady pagoda). 
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Thien Mu pagoda experienced a huge restoration under Nguyen Dynasty. There an ancient tower with 21 floors and a bronze bell with 3.285 kg in weight. Along with the pagoda’s contemplation, visitors will find a really leisure time with enormous pine hill behind and peaceful landscape of Perfume River.
3. Khai Dinh Tomb
It is the last resting place of Khai Dinh (1885-1925), the 12th emperor of Nguyen Dynasty. Despite of smaller scale rather than other royal tombs, Khai Dinh tomb is renowned as the most luxurious tomb in that period because it took 11 years of construction with a huge cost for its materials. Historians appreciated that Khai Dinh tomb is a harmonious combination between Western art and Vietnam architecture. 
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4. Perfume River
Perfume River is famous for its riverside’s charming beauty. For a long time ago, it is said that there was numerous herb forests straddling along this river, which made its water expose the magic perfume. Therefore, the local people named the Perfume River after this special feature. Rowing boat on the river, you will find a taste of extremely peaceful sceneries. The Perfume River flows quietly through green spaces of Hue’s villages, and then meanders Ngoc Tran Mountain and herb forests nearby.  
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5. Bach Ma National Park
Far from the center of Hue City about 40km, Bach Ma National Park contains biological diversity with 2147 species of plants and 1493 species of animals. Because its pristine beauty, French colonists built a resort system of 139 mansions, hotels, pools in the past time. It is really outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise: Flourish forests along with winding roads, white clouds covering misty mountains and colorful species of butterflies along with nearly 400 species of birds. 
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6. Lang Co Beach
If you would like to seek a secluded escape from the bustling pace of life, Lang Co beach will be one of the most desirable places. It was voted as the most beautiful cove in 2009. This appealing destination is featured by the pristine landscapes, sprawling white-sand beaches and brilliant blue water.
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7. Thuy Bieu Eco Village 
It is an ancient village which lies on the southwest of Hue city. Thuy Bieu village is similar to a peacefully rural area with hundreds-old houses and lush greeny gardens of Thanh Tra polemo, a famous polemo of Vietnam. If you’re looking for a new taste for your trip, enjoying a biking tour around Thuy Bieu village may be a good idea.  
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8. Tam Giang Lagoon
With 24km in length and 52km2 of area, Tam Giang became the biggest lagoon in Southeast Asia. Not only famous for striking scenery, it also attracts visitors come to explore inhabitants’ life. Emerging among a vast lagoon, fishing village have survived on a small oasis for hundred years. In the wee hours of every morning, a lively picture about the local people’s life will open in your eyes, especially fishing boats with full of fresh seafood after a voyage.
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