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Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Hoi An

By: BIch Phuong - 09 February 2017

Located on a coastal province, Hoi An converged the advantageous conditions  to become the biggest trading port of Southeast Asia during 16-17th century which used to be a favorite places of foreign merchants to exchange their goods. It can be seen that the ancient town of Hoi An not only marks the prosperity of Vietnam business in the past time but also records the priceless historical values from the previous generations. This ancient town still remains its initial beauty with Thu Bon River flowing quietly through the sequences of Nguyen dynasty’s hundreds-old houses. 

1. Japanese Covered Pagoda
Built in 17th century by the Japanese merchants, Japanese Pagoda has played an indispensable part in Hoi An people’s life. Unlike many typical pagodas around the world, this pagoda crosses over a small canal with the harmonious combinations of Japan and Vietnam culture. Dogs and monkeys - the scarce animals of Japanese were carved in both 2 heads of this pagoda. 
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2. Tan Ky ancient house
Tan Ky ancient house has owned by a famous trading family in the late 18th century. It is one of the best well-preserved structures in Old Quarter of Hoi An ancient house although it had to experience through big changes of history and severe conditions of weather. Overall, its architecture is a perfect mixture of Vietnam, China and Japan.  With skillful hands of traditional carpenters, Tan Ky ancient house really becomes a wood masterpiece which give us valuable messages from Eastern Philosophy. 
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3. Fujian Assembly Hall
Fujian Assembly Hall is one of the most famous Assembly Halls of Chinese ethnic group in Hoi An, which is a typical structure for Chinese architecture in 17th century. It is really a attractive destinations because of its magnificent scale and delicate-carved items. This hall is featured by Chinese ancient models Gate, Courtyard, Bond, Bonsai, East and Western house,  frontispiece, backyard,…In the Fujian Assembly Hall, Chinese worships Thanh Mau- a deity for protecting ships from  voyages’ danger and other female deity that symbols for the wish of their safety and happiness. Besides, it also bears Buddhism characteristics such as statues, bronze bells, incensories… In the special day of Lunar Calendar, there are many featured festival will be hold in this place. 
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4. Thanh Ha pottery village
Established from 500 years ago, Thanh Ha pottery village is famous for producing daily items with high quality like cups, jars, bowls and pots. Because of its durability and aesthetics, Thanh Ha pottery products is not only listed as “National Yield” but also populated in every corner of Quang Nam province. Visiting this village, everyone has an opportunity for discovering about Thanh Ha pottery arts and trying to make a pottery product yourself with the guidance of talented craftsmen. 
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5. Kim Bong carpentry village
Kim Bong Carpentry Village has become one of the main supplies for wood-carved products until 16th century. Located on Hoi An ancient town- the biggest trading port of the Southeast Asia, carpentry items was paid attention by lots of both domestic and foreign merchants. Kim Bong’s products is main material for ancient houses, daily items and trading ships because of its extreme usability and its Eastern culture’s exquisite beauty.  Enjoying a bicycle tours around carpentry houses, visitors learn practically about the carpentry culture of Kim Bong village through talented artisan’s works and carpentry products. You can also self-experience about wood-carved works thanks to the guidance of local people or buy carpentry products for souvenirs.
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6. Cua Dai beach
Cua Dai beach is honored for one of the most beautiful beach in Asia with impressive sightseeing. Every morning, tourists can wander around sprawling white-sand beaches along coconut tree lines and watch for wonderful scenery of sunrise. Tourists also can soak up the sun in front of peaceful atmosphere with full of sea wave’s sounds or freely catch cool waves from Cua Dai beach. Cua Dai is an estuary where Thu Bon River pours into East Sea, so it is a destination for fishing. You just only hire a basket boat of local people, sitting on this boat for catching native fishes among immense sea face. That moment will certainly become an unforgettable memory of your life.
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7. Cu Lao Cham island
Far from Cua Dai beach about 15km, Cu Lao Cham is designated officially as a world’s Biosphere Reserve with not only the diversity of fauna and flora but also incredibly pristine beauty. Tracking through Vietnam history, this island used to become a familiar resting place for intercontinental ships thousand years ago. At the present time, Cu Lao Cham is an attractive tourist destination for sunbathing and many other aquatic recreation activities such as water skiing, paragliding, kayaking, kite flying, boat racing and especially scuba diving. A colorful world of sea creature along with stunning coral reefs will satisfied your desire for discovering the miracles of wild nature.


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