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Top 5 Best Things to See and Do in Phu Quoc Island

By: Bich Phuong - 11 February 2017

Located on Kien Giang- a province in the Southern Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is considered as the largest island in Vietnam which attracts high amount of both domestic and abroad tourists annually. Mother Nature actually endowed a sublime beauty for this destination with the extremely perfect among the pristine scenery of nature, long standing cultural values of local fishermen and intriguing marks of history in the past time. 

1. Long beach (Dai beach)
Dai Beach is well-known as one of the most beautiful beach and the cleanest beach in the world voted by ABC News. If you’re finding an absolute seclusion away from the bustling pace of life in big city, you cannot ignore this appealing beach.  Despite of the burgeoning travel industry in Vietnam, it still remains the unspoiled beauty with glittering golden sands, the brilliant blue water, and the quiet getaway for vacationers.
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2. Dinh Cau cape
Dinh Cau cape is an iconic landscape of Phu Quoc Island with unique features of nature and history. Emerging on the sea surface, there is a small temple built on the ground of a stone mountain.  The temple worships the “Dragon King”- The god of sea, with the wish for safe voyages of local people. Standing on Dinh Cau temple, visitors can watch the sun dip below the horizon, listen the slapping sounds of waves, and enjoy the cool breezes from immense sea. 
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3. Ham Ninh Fishing Village
 Ham Ninh Fishing Village is really a lively footage about simly rural lifestyle of fishermen among the immense sea. Nobody knows how long the village survives. It is only said that there was a group of fishermen come and catch sea animals near Phu Quoc Island. After that, they decided to settle on this beautiful place. Rustic bamboo thatched huts along with high ranges of mountain, the overwhelming scenery of sunset along with faraway islands – It truly become a picturesque panorama with a full of peaceful taste permeating in visitors’ soul.
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4. An Thoi archipelago 
Straddling the South of Phu Quoc islands, An Thoi archipelago is a system of 18 islets but only 5 populated islets. Therefore, it is a paradise for visitors to discover the wild beauty of nature with a diversity of fauna and flora, especially sea creatures.  Tourists can explore marine world by snorkelling around colorful coral reefs and witness the local sea animals‘s life by your own eyes. In particular, it is really a new-brand experience for everyone to catch cuttlefish with local people and enjoy serene atmosphere of sea on the fishing ships. 
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Along with fastinating attraction of nature, Phu Quoc jail of Coconut Tree Jail is a must-see destination when you visit Phu Quoc Island. During Indochina war in 19th century, thousands of Communist soldiers were sentenced on this destination. It can be seen that Phu Quoc jail not only showcases a lively witness about Vietnam history but also represents war crimes, which is a meaningful massage for every one about freedom and peace. 
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5. Vinpearland Amusement Park
Vinperland offers fascinating entertainment activities including a complex of resorts, restaurants, Water Park, and safari park. It is really an ideal destination for all ages, especially teenagers and family. There are both indoor and outdoor games available for members of family and thrilling games for adventure seekers such as the Wave Pool, Lazy River, Tornado water ride, free-falling Giant Boomerang... Then, tourists can watch the lively life of sea creatures in Vinperland’s aquarium, experience Vietnam’s unique cuisine in gourmet restaurants along coastline, and enjoy colorful street performances daily. The Vinpearl also supplies a chain of shopping stores, souvenir shops, golf course, hotels and other services which offer the best amenities for visitors.
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