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The Best Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

By: Bich Phuong - 12 February 2017

With a dense system of canals and rivers, Mekong Delta has an ideal condition for waterway’s development that Floating Markets is unique highlights for this feature. Along with the big turning point of Vietnam history, Floating Markets always offer a taste of extremely bustling sphere of rural markets, where tourists can attach with wild nature and make acquaintance with friendly native people. In Floating Market, all kinds of goods are piled up into merchants’ boats, from commodities to garden tools or crafts. Floating Markets exist in all province of Mekong Delta but each regions has their own characteristics. The list below may be suitable choices for you:

1. Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang is held on Cai Rang River and only far from the centre of Can Tho province about 6km. It is on top 3 floating market in Can Tho province, which is famous for local fruits and agricultural products of Mekong Delta. The market opens from the early morning to 9 a.m, except on Tet holiday or on 5th, May of Lunar Calendar. Each boat only sells a category of good and merchants will hang it on a long bamboo to sign for buyers what products boat’s owner sell. 
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2. Cai Be floating market

Located on Tien Giang province, Cai Be is one of the biggest floating markets in the western of Southern Vietnam. The market is adjacent to 3 provinces of Mekong Delta: Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Ben Tre where have the largest orchards around. Therefore, Cai Be is not only famous for daily goods, but for fresh fruits. The busiest time of this floating market is from midnight to daybreak when hundreds of rafts and boats come and transport goods to all regions of Vietnam.   
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3. Tra On floating market

Tra On is the floating market on the junction of Hau River and Mang Thit River. In the past time, the market used to be a resting place for farmers after they harvested raped rice from paddy field every night. It also was considered as a meeting place for community, where everyone refreshes their own soul by singing local songs together. Unlike other floating markets, Tra On market opens from the early morning to the late evening, so you can enjoy a new brand experience about this place when hundreds of boats’ lights illuminate a vast space of Hau River. In particular, the higher water level of river rise, the more the trading boats come to exchange goods. 
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4. Phung Hiep floating market

This site is well-known as the biggest floating market in Vietnam, which lies on the intersection of 7 canals. Apart from the centre of Can Tho city about 30 km, the market of Hau Giang province is always an attractive destination for visitors during Mekong Delta trip. Every morning, hundreds of boats gather on Phung Hiep floating market for trading. Like many other western markets, all sorts of products are sold on merchants’ boats and goods’ sample will be hung on a bamboo poles to advertise for buyers about these products. Nearby, Phung Hiep Bridge is an ideal place for whoever would like to see the panorama of Phung Hiep floating market. This market is really a harmonious picture between natural beauty, the bustling sphere of market and gentle beauty of Vietnam women with beautiful traditional costumes.
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5. Long Xuyen floating market

Although Long Xuyen floating market has smaller scale rather than other floating market, it is appeal to visitors by the pristine beauty and peaceful atmosphere, which is still not influenced by tourism industry. This market mainly sells local vegetables (such as yam, herb, water morning glory…) and native dishes (such as fish noodles, Tam cakes…). All goods are sold without bargaining between sellers and buyers.
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