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03 June 2015
Only stepping out of Danang for 30km, Hoi An town is the destination one cannot afford to miss once arriving here.
Similar to Halong Bay and Hue, this town is also listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the clear evidence of a well – preserved marine trade port typical for South East Asia structure for many centuries (from 15 to 19th). Once a small fishing town and an important heavily-frequented trading port for many merchant ships passing through the region, Hoi An thus inherited multiple cultures from China, Japanese and French and it reflects on the fusion in architecture, both indigenous and foreign etching their marks on the history. It is no longer the dock as the Thu Bon River silted up in the late 19th century but due to the boom in tourism, Hoi An is once again gained its popularity and once a cosmopolitan melting pot. Graceful, atmospheric and full of history, Hoi An boasts the beguiling riverside setting, small lanes and streets that befits its heritage and worthy of every minute spent due to the timeless experience always making one to forget about the present time with traffic and pollution but never be out of the world touch. Today, there are over 800 listed historical buildings and still intact ever since, Hoi An is the perfect candidate for ancient heritage of the world. Simply walking around the town, immersed in its harmony and tranquility, visitors can get the feeling of rushing free and only wish to stay in this world forever.
Hoi An is also the closest town to the site of My Son, the oldest and largest archaeological site in Vietnam. Close by is also Cua Dai Beach – a fascinating place for beach relaxation alongside with Danang beach, as witnessed recently, people have tendency to rush here for both cultural and beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing or simply relaxing.
The revival of fortunes also makes the development of its incredible legacy of Japanese merchant houses, temples and tea warehouses. Along with them, night bars, restaurants hotels (again from rustic ones to the high-end properties) and tailor shops are sprouting everywhere making the town truly a paradise for a shopping addict and tourists with numerous souvenirs ready to bring home, and of course, tailor made clothes and garments are truly popular with clothes have been made upon request and delivered to the buyers overnight only. Most designs are traditional Vietnamese in nature, with some offer contemporary twists and touches of foreign taste as well. Alternatively, tourists can enjoy themselves in many activities such as biking trip to explore the surrounding countryside, boat trip to witness local’s activities, cooking class given Hoi An has the excellent cuisine with lots of specialty enough to make any one can mouthwatering when thinking about naming of Cao Lau, Banh Mi, Rice chicken among many wonders of culinary world.
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