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Ha Giang

03 June 2015
It is quite a struggle to get to Ha Giang, but it is always very easy to fall in love with it.
In fact, this mountainous province is always an attractive destination for those daring backpackers who want to seek the pure beauty of Vietnam’s nature and people. Sharing the border with China to the North East, it charms the others by spectacular scenery of green mountains, winding rivers, flower valleys and serpentine roads which have become famous worldwide. Those scenes are truly breathtaking and can carve deeply in the travelers’ mind to the extent to come back. In addition to its undisputable aesthetic beauty, Ha Giang’s ethnic people, living in very simple ways, are warm-heartened and cordial, always willing to welcome the visitors from afar. In short, this site is undoubtedly a truly gem because of its wildness, untouched by mass tourism and still holds an innocent beauty which can easily melt any wanderers’ heart.
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