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03 June 2015
Located in a valley around 140km from Hanoi and only 150m above sea level, Mai Chau town is a bright, lively and fascinating place to go to.
Nestled between two towering cliffs and surrounded by emerald green paddies, the town presents an idyllic rural scene that can easily charm every traveler’s soul who wanders there. Mai Chau is such a vision in every season as it transform in shade in over time: lush, bright green in spring and golden in rice harvest (autumn). Stilt houses are a common sight in Mai Chau with palm leaf roofs, bamboo-slat floors and large, patterned windows and always ready to provide shelter for those who seek to live as a local in a while. Despite basic condition, this kind of home stay attracts many type of tourists who dash there in order to experience an unique lifestyle instead of being in an air-conditioned room in a decent hotel. Along with it, a traditional dance and music shows are always performed upon request together with a magnificent dinner with local specialty as to express hospitality from the hosts. Visitors and enjoy wine rice and food fresh from the crop while participating into dancing as a part of this charming town. 
Mai Chau also offers lots of activities such as the hiking to the hill or mountains, biking trip along the winding route while enjoying stunning scenery of paddy rice fields dotting with small stilt houses homed of Thai people – one of Vietnam 62 ethnic minorities, or simply walking deeper into thick jungle, bamboo groves, tea plantation and waterfalls and mini treks to remote villages without the influx of tourists.
Despite the fact that nowadays, part of profit of Mai Chau is from tourism, the villages remain a relatively peaceful retreat with the tranquility can calm everyone’s heart.
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