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03 June 2015
With more than 1000 years of history, Hanoi (as known as Thang Long – rising dragon) is no doubt the center of culture and politics of Vietnam.
Hanoi used to suffer tremendously by the destruction caused by the Vietnam War with American Army but the city now has been changing significantly, from a withdrawal city to become more and more open with vast development and industrialization contributing with a strong sense for tourism. It is a fascinating mix of old and new Vietnam with Chinese and French influences but still maintains identified charms with lots of distinct architecture and typical Northern water rice culture.
Hanoi is arguably one of the Asia’s most charming cities possessing modern infrastructure for a developing city with broad, tree-lined boulevards, big buildings, commercial centers whist dotting with elegant French villas, colonial-era buildings painted with nostalgic yellow, ancient pagodas, the Old Quarter full of charms and lots of lush parks making it special in its own way and offer a lot to explore for the curious mind.  
Visiting Hanoi not only is to visit the architecture and sights but also step deeply in history and immerse yourself in interesting culture with local cafeteria in the Old street, taking cyclo to go around while watching the world to by. Most of the attracted sites are relatively close to each other which make it easy to enjoy the best parts of the city on food or by cyclo. The most wanted sites which everyone are thirst to see are Literature Temple, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pill Pagoda, Sword Lake with the Old Quarter around (also the gathering place of many decent and famous hotels and restaurants), West Lake, Ethnic Museum among many other places which you can spend time to explore further.
Besides the irresistible charms of landscape and places, Hanoi attracts visitors because of its affordable living expense and its famous indigenous culinary traditions and features a growing number of international dining options.
Indeed, Hanoi has turned into a metropolis but still carries on ancestral traditions which make it the meeting point of old and new.
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