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Bac Kan

03 June 2015
Located on the mountainous region of Northeast Vietnam, Bac Kan tops the list of must-go destinations for many travelers who want to live with the nature.
Because it is located quite remote, this province boasts its untouched natural beauty of endless primitive forest, scenic rivers, lakes, fountains and caves. Among them, Ba Be Lake which is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam is the most outstanding attraction. Comparable to “sea on the mountain”, it is listed on the twenty most beautiful lakes in the world. 
The area is also the home of the Tay Minority who still lives in stilt houses and preserves their traditions for generations. Visitors who come there are always welcome to take a short stay with the locals to understand their lives and experience life as a local can do. Tourists can join in traditional festivals of the ethnic groups residing there such as Thach Long Pagoda Festival, Ba Be Lake Spring Festival. Additionally, there are many traces and relics from the revolution of Vietnam in the 1940s which can help to enhance a turn of history.