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How to Book Vietnam Train Ticket online via Vietnam Railway Administration Website?

19 February 2016

Travelling by train is a favorite way for tourists to Vietnam. In the past, in order to book a train ticket you have to contact with the receptionist of hotels or travel agents. However, nowadays, thanks to the implementation of online booking ticket via the website of Vietnam Railway, booking a train ticket has become rapid and easy than ever. http://dsvn.vn/

At present, there is still no policy of selling train tickets via agency channels as airline tickets offered by Vietnam Railway, so you could only buy a ticket by getting directly to train station or accessing to the official website.

Step 1: Access to the website: dsvn.vn or vetau.com.vn

These two websites are official ones of Vietnam Railway.

Step 2: Choose information about itinerary you want to book

Choosing information about itinerary includes: Departure station, Arrival station, One way (or two ways), departure date, return date (you could choose time if you prefer a detailed timeline). Click on “Find” to check out ticket status.


In the section of Departure station and Arrival station, you could type in lowercase, uppercase or with a first letter, the system could also recognize.

In the section of time: If you want to take a train departing at around 13.00 pm, the results will give a train with departure time closest to the time you choose first and other departures of the day will also be listed.

Step 3: Choose the ticket you need to book

After the system lists trains with its ticket status, it’s time for you to fill in more information for your journey.

1. First, you choose Train

2. Second, choose cabin

3. Third, choose seat and bed

The duration for booking a ticket is 5 minutes until the payment confirmation, so you need to take manipulation rapidly and exactly.

The number of tickets you can choose in one time depends on departure time. With tickets for Tet holiday, you could only book 4 tickets per way for one booking. It means that for one booking, you are able to book 4 tickets at maximum for each turn of departing or returning.

4: Ticket basket: Check out again reservation information before moving onto payment step. As you check out exactly, please click on “Buy ticket”

Step 4: Fill in client information form

Necessary information includes: Full name, passport number

You need no fill in correctly because if not, it will take time to explain and prove for issuing ticket staff

Choose suitable means of payment, and tick on “I have read”…and click on “Next”

If choosing post-pay, you could pay directly as arriving to train station

If choosing online payment, you could use your Visa or Master card

Step 5: Confirm ticket information

If all information is correct, press on “Agree”. If you want to change information, click on “Retype”

A window will appear as you click on “Agree”. You tick “I agree” and click on “Agree”. There will be 10 minutes for you to pay.

Step 6: Payment

Step 7: Check out and print ticket

If your payment is done successfully, the information of ticket will appear at the last step with a 6 character code reservation. You check out again the information and click on “Take electronic ticket to print”. One PDF sheet of the ticket will be also sent to the email you have filled in before.

Information about some popular train journeys in Vietnam:

North-Southbound Vietnam Train Schedule

All these trains run every day. Hanoi to Saigon is 1,726km or 1,070 miles.

SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE8: These are the best trains. They have air-conditioned soft sleepers (4-berth), air-conditioned hard sleepers (6-berth) and air-conditioned soft seats.

SE19, SE20: only run at busy times, Air-conditioned soft sleepers, air-conditioned hard sleepers, air-conditioned soft seats, air-conditioned hard seats, ordinary hard seats.
TN1, TN2: Air-conditioned hard sleepers (6-berth) & ordinary hard seats. No soft sleepers or soft seats.

SNT1, SNT2: Air-con soft sleepers (both older & newer types), air-con hard sleepers (both older & newer types), air-con soft seats.

Livitrans Express Train private tourist sleeping-cars, Hanoi-Hué-Danang: Trains attached SE1 & SE2 have a tourist sleeping-car attached between Hanoi, Hue & Danang run by private company Livitrans. It has 4-berth sleeper compartments of a higher standard than the normal Vietnamese Railways ones, but fares a bit higher. See http://vietnamtrainticket.com/Livitrans-Hanoi-Hue-Danang.aspx for fares & online booking.

Golden Train private tourist sleeping-cars with 4 berths cabin, Saigon-Nha Trang: Trains SNT1 & SNT2 have 'Golden Trains' tourist sleeping-cars attached between Saigon and Nha Trang. These have 4-berth soft sleepers of a higher quality than the regular sleepers.

Northbound Schedule

Hà Nội 0 06:00 09:00 13:10 19:30 22:00
Ninh Bình 115 08:22 11:21 15:48 21:49 00:13 (day+1)
Vinh 319 12:08 15:11 19:50 01:41 (day+1) 03:32 (day+1)
Đồng Hới 522 16:36 19:40 00:39 (day +1) 05:50 (day+1) 07:40 (day+1)
Đông Hà 622 18:34 21:23 02:20 (day +1) 07:36 (day+1) 09:18 (day+1)
Huế 688 19:55 22:50 03:47 (day+1) 08:56 (day+1) 10:35 (day+1)
Lăng Cô 755     05:27 (day+1)    
Đà Nẵng 791 22:47 01:43 (day+1) 07:09 (day+1) 11:41 (day+1) 13:15 (day+1)
Tam Kỳ 865 00:08 (day+1) 03:12 (day+1) 08:39 (day+1) 13:23 (day+1) 14:30 (day+1)
Quảng Ngãi 928 01:21 (day+1) 04:23 (day+1) 10:10 (day+1) 14:34 (day+1) 15:35 (day+1)
Diêu Trì 1096 04:23 (day+1) 07:56 (day+1) 13:38 (day+1) 17:41 (day+1) 18:36 (day+1)
Tuy Hoà 1198 06:20 (day+1) 09:43 (day+1) 15:33 (day+1) 19:21 (day+1) 20:14 (day+1)
Nha Trang 1315 08:35 (day+1) 11:44 (day+1) 17:55 (day+1) 21:22 (day+1) 22:12 (day+1)
Tháp Chàm 1408 10:11 (day+1) 13:40 (day+1) 19:36 (day+1) 22:56 (day+1) 23:45 (day+1)
Bình Thuận 1551 12:39 (day+1) 16:19 (day+1) 22:53 (day+1) 01:18 (day+2) 02:14 (day+2)
Long Khánh 1649 14:25 (day+1) 18:05 (day+1) 00:48 (day+2)    
Biên Hòa 1697 15:25 (day+1) 19:15 (day+1) 01:49 (day+2) 03:59 (day+2) 04:42 (day+2)
Sài Gòn 1726 16:05 (day+1) 20:03 (day+1) 02:30 (day+2) 04:39 (day+2) 05:20 (day+2)


Southbound Schedule


Sài Gòn 0 06:00 09:00 13:10 19:30 22:00
Biên Hòa 29 06:42 09:42 13:55 20:12 22:39
Bình Thuận 175 09:30 12:36 17:04 22:55 01:15 (day+1)
Tháp Chàm 318 11:48 14:51 19:39 01:43 (day+1) 03:24 (day+1)
Nha Trang 411 13:26 16:29 21:29 03:21 (day+1) 05:00 (day+1)
Tuy Hoà 528 15:30 18:29 23:52 05:21 (day+1) 06:56 (day+1)
Diêu Trì 630 17:29 21:17 01:50 (day+1) 07:13 (day+1) 08:46 (day+1)
Quảng Ngãi 798 20:18 00:11 (day+1) 05:21 (day+1) 10:07 (day+1) 11:27 (day+1)
Tam Kỳ 861 21:26 01:29 (day+1) 06:37 (day+1) 11:15 (day+1) 12:32 (day+1)
Đà Nẵng 935 22:59 03:02 (day+1) 08:35 (day+1) 12:46 (day+1) 14:13 (day+1)
Lăng Cô 971     10:16 (day+1)    
Huế 1038 01:36 (day+1) 05:39 (day+1) 12:14 (day+1) 15:31 (day+1) 16:47 (day+1)
Đông Hà 1104 02:53 (day+1) 06:56 (day+1) 13:32 (day+1) 16:48 (day+1) 18:02 (day+1)
Đồng Hới 1204 04:50 (day+1) 09:16 (day+1) 15:35 (day+1) 18:45 (day+1) 19:52 (day+1)