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Mosque for Muslims in Hanoi

17 June 2016
Al-Noor Masjid, the unique mosque of Northern Vietnam, has been located in Hang Luoc Street for over century. Its name means “Cathedral of Light”.

Al-Noor (12 Hang Luoc) has been destination for prayers and existed for more than 100 years. Not only Vietnamese but also international Muslims come here for praying weekly.

Mosque for Muslims in Hanoi

In the early 19th century, Indian merchants came to Vietnam for living and trade. To meet the religious demand, in 1885, Indian Community has started constructing Al-Noor Mosque. That’s reason why Al-Noor is in traditional Indian architecture.

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In 1890, Al-Noor has been officially used. Its entrance look toward the West, specifically toward the Islamic Holy Land of Mecca.

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The area of this mosque is about 400 square meters and layout as many other mosques in the world. However, the pointed towers, flat roofs and archway reflect Indian architectural particularity.

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Muslims pray every 5 days and the main praying day is Friday. The daily praying can be implemented everywhere but Muslims are recommended to come to mosque if they stay 6km from mosque. Consequently, large carpets are always available for crowds.

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There is a stone pedestal chair for Imam to implement ceremony on Friday mornings. Currently, the Imam in Al-Noor is Mr.Mieu Abbas from Ninh Thuan. He is also the head of Al-Noor Mosque. Besides, the Imam also implements wedding ceremony and funeral for Muslims.

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The large main hall is crowded every Friday. Islam books like Koran Holy Book in English, Vietnamese and Arab are available for Muslims here although there was no Koran Holy Book in Vietnamese many years ago.

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You can see particular pictures of Islam culture stored at all sides in the mosque.

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Sanitary area is equipped with many faucets serving Muslims to obey Wudhu ceremony (freshen up and dress carefully before praying).

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Supervising the mosque for over 20 years, Mr. Doan Hong Cuong knows about Al-Noor Mosque clearly. He shares that he clean the mosque everyday  with hope that Vietnamese and international Muslim Community has place for religious demands.

Being 114 years old, Al-Noor Mosque has witnessed many changes of Hanoi Capital City

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