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Must-Read Advices For Women When Travel to Vietnam Alone

28 October 2015

Nowadays, there are more and more women who travel abroad alone. Whether travelling for business or holiday, women often get trouble easier than men because of definite local culture. Following are some simple “tips” to help you have a safe and useful journey.

Make sure your passport is still valid, if not, please apply for a new one about 3-4 months before your departure. You also need to make sure you have the necessary documents or visas for the countries you plan to visit.
Remember to leave your detail travel itinerary, information of your flight and ticket for a friend or relatives. They must include names, address and local phone number of your stay.
Leave all your valuables like extra credit card and jewelry. Even fake jewelry can endanger you because the pickpocket and robber don’t know it’s real or fake until they get it.
Ensure that you have health insurance for your abroad journey. If it cannot pay you abroad, you should buy extra insurance, which is for tourists.
If you need to take medicines following prescription, remember to bring enough medicines for your journey and some extra ones in case your itinerary is delayed. Additionally, take prescription information and similar medicines’ name with you in case you need them.
Always carry medicines in the labeled boxes because many countries have strict laws against drug trafficking and possibly suspect of pills in unlabeled box.
Pay attention, act as your feeling tell and aware of your surroundings. If you think you are being followed, drop at a store or to a safe place and wait to see if that guy has gone away yet.
Don’t afraid of having someone to help you to ensure that everything is safe before you go out. If not, ask your hotel for support.
Look, act and move as you know what you intend to go and do! It can help you not to turn yourself into an easy target for bad people and avoid possible dangers.
Before leaving hotel for somewhere, you should ask customer advisor or hotel staff for direction to places you intend to visit. This can help you avoid being confused and attacked in unsafe areas.
If you lost, ask a family or a woman with her child for direction.
Please choose a hotel which offers good security and surrounding public vehicles or taxi being willing to serve. Once being in your room, ensure that all the locks of doors and windows are OK.
If you feel uncomfortable, ask hotel security to supervise you when you arrive and leave parking lots or your room at night. Remember! Always look into your room via peephole before opening door.
Classic and discreet style is always the best choice for your travel. Whenever possible, consider the way the local women wear to know how to dress appropriately. 
In some culture, your ordinary clothes can be considered as sexy and not proper, even unsightly. In addition, the more attractively you make up yourself (especially jewelry), the more possibly you become ideal target of muggers.
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