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“Spend-Money Paradise” Requires No More Than 2$ For Hanoi Food

02 November 2015

Not listed, price of food sold around the area of Dong Xuan Alley is about 2$ maximum. Not only Vietnamese people but also Western visitors celebrate the alley the “Spend-Money Paradise” located at the centre of Hanoi.

In Dong Xuan Alley (Hoan Kiem District), many culinary services are available to serve visitors in Hanoi. Being only hundred meters long and situated at a side of Dong Xuan market, this alley attracts thousand visitors everyday to enjoy famous Hanoi foods costing about 0.5$ - 2$. Surprisingly, many small restaurants here are older than human’s life expectancy. 
Noodle with snail and noodle with meat skewers are two of the most favourite foods here. Mr.Marion, an American visitors said that the first time he visited Hanoi was 2 years ago, at that time, he had chance to enjoy all foods in this market. Next time coming back to Vietnam with his girlfriend, they come to this market again to enjoy cheap and delicious noodle with snail which he can find here only. 
The 70-year-old restaurant serving noodle with snail of Mrs.Thuy is one of the oldest restaurants in Hanoi. She confided “In war time, my mother hided in tunnels and sell this food”. Her product is highly voted by numerous gourmets thanks to its attractive flavour and healthy quality. A bowl of her noodle full of ingredients is about 1.7$. She sells hundred bowls of noddle every day regardless of bad weather. In winter, customers have to make queue to wait for being served. She also says “My reputation is my priority”.
Besides, noodle with meat skewers is also one of indispensable food for shortlist of any gourmet once being here. Noodle with meat skewers is not always available in Hanoi’s noisy streets but the number of restaurant serving this food is uncountable in Dong Xuan market. This kind of noodle is about 1.2$ - 1.7$ only.
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Although the alley is small but all restaurants serve in-your-sight-cooked food to prove that their foods are clean, healthy and proper for those who want to enjoy Hanoi traditional cuisines.
In addition to for-lunch foods, Dong Xuan Alley is well-known for plentiful delicious cheap snacks. An owner of shrimp-cake restaurant says “I’m not sure if my restaurant is the oldest or not, but many of my familiar customers enjoying my cake when they were children had become fathers and mothers”. To fill up your tummy with shrimp cake, you just need to pay around 1.2$ - 1.7$.
Gio Cake and Duc Cake can be sold out in an afternoon. A vendor who lives closely with selling this food says “My business with this cake is major income for my life and my family at hometown.”
Going to the next part of the alley, you can see the attractive “nom”, an indigenous salad of Vietnamese, created from delicious beef and clean vegetable. Price is about 1$.
A famous restaurant serving salty fried cake opens in the afternoon of which space is only 10 square meters sell 250 – 350 cakes every day. The owner is willing to share customers her receipt of how to make a perfect salty fried cake.
At noon time and afternoon, beverage restaurants are always filled up by customers by traditional “che” with many colours. Price is about 0.7$.
Che Hanoi
Moreover, some restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese meals with rice are also available. 
Last but not least, restaurants in Dong Xuan Alley are attractive by not only Hanoi delicious cuisines but also serving enthusiasm. If the other restaurants show you’re the rude attitude of staffs, you surely can believe in Dong Xuan Alley where there is no rudeness originated from hospitable owners. 
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