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Quang Binh - The Mysterious Home of Kong: Skull Island

09 May 2017

Quang Binh is a coastal province in the Central Land of Vietnam. It is well – known as the kingdom of caves in the world because of the majestic cave system such as Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha cave, and Tu Lan Cave. Not only endowed with sublime caves, Quang Binh is also attractive to visitors by beautiful valleys, charming beaches and simple villages of local people among wild nature. Let’s follow us to discover this beautiful land!

The most outstanding highlights of Quang Binh province is the cave systems recognized as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The Nature really creates enchanting masterpieces where the beauty of caves and its surrounding landscapes are combined in a perfect way. If you have a passion on adventure tours, Quang Binh is certainly a wonderful choice for you.
1. Tu Lan Cave system
Before accessing Tu Lan Cave system, visitors have to go trekking through the jungle forest with rugged terrains, Rao Nan River with swift flows, and trails that a little people have never discovered before.
Quang Binh 1
Despite of smaller scale than other cave system in Quang Binh, this destination is one of the most attractive places for visitors until it becomes the settings for a Hollywood film named “Kong: Skull Island”.
Rat Cave
On the path to Tu Lan River, visitors can drop by Rat Cave. The cave has an impressive stalactite system that its colors are mainly white and pink. Behind the cave, there is a valley which is home to a native plant called “Ken”. In its blossom season, the valley is covered with violet color of Ken’s flowers.
Quang Binh 2
Tu Lan Cave system
The cave was discovered in 1992 including a system of 10 caves. It belongs to the young cave systems in the world which is only formed about more than 5 millions of years ago. From Ton cave’ exit, visitors can gaze out the beautiful landscape of valley below.
Quang Binh 3
2. Yen Phu Village & Yen Phu Lake
The American director Jordan Vogt- Roberts described Yen Phu Village as a place of surreal beauty. The village owns a unique feature with blocks of stalactites "rise" from the ground. The village certainly satisfies the visitors’ desire in Vietnamese trip with the harmony among majestic mountains, gentle stream and simple life of local people.
Quangbinh 4
Quang Binh 5
A scene of "Skull Island" in Yen Phu Lake
3. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park
Phong Nha Cave
Phong Nha Cave belongs to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, which is recognized as the natural world heritages by UNESCO. According the evaluation of Royal Caves Association of England, Phong Nha Cave is recorded as one of the most seven beautiful caves in the world.
Quang Binh 6
Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave is estimated as the largest natural caves in the world with 5km in length, 200 m in average altitude, and 150 m in width, it is said that Son Doong Cave can have enough space for a 40-floor building in New York. Insides, there is also a tropical forest with high level of biodiversity called Adam garden. 
Quang Binh 7
Besides, there are also many sublime caves in Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park you can discover in your trips such as Thien Duong Cave, Tien Son Cave and Vom Cave system.
Quang Binh 8
Thien Duong Cave
Quang Binh 9
Tien Son Cave
Cha Noi Valley – Da Deo Pass
Cha Noi Valley lies under the foot of Da Deo Pass, which is surrounded by ranges of foggy mountains. Those destinations hide a mysterious beauty and majestic landscapes of a mountainous area in the Central Land of Vietnam. 
Quang Binh 10
Beautiful landscape on the foot of Da Deo Pass
4. Nhat Le Beach
Along with majestic cave system, Nhat Le beach is also a must-see destination when you visit Quang Binh province. The pristine beauty of Nhat Le Beach makes a strong lure for tourists at the first visit. The white sand beach stretches out Nhat Le’s coast. The sublime sunset is covered by the romance of violet color. The boats returns after a long voyage on the East Sea filled with fish and shrimps. All of those things make our soul more tranquil and serene that we rarely have opportunity to enjoy.
Quang Binh 11
Nhat Le Beach at sunset
5. Da Nhay Beach
Da Nhay Beach is an amazing masterpiece of Nature. Stones along the beach are eroded by waves for a long time, which create different shapes for them. 
6. Vung Chua – Dao Yen
Vung Chua is surrounded by majestic mountains that are closed to the sea.   In the historical document, this land is home to many species of rare sea animals such as yen sao and lobsters. It is also the final resting place of Vo Nguyen Giap – the first General of Vietnamese People’s Army.
Quang Binh 13
Vung Chua
From Vung Chua, visitors can hire a boat for accessing Dao Yen. This is a small island in Quang Binh province. There is no resident living on the island; instead, there is Yen bird – a native bird in Vietnam. They make nests on the cliffs of island.
Quang Binh 14
Dao Yen
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