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Ha Giang – The Precious Jewel of the Vietnamese Mountainous Areas

14 July 2017
Ha Giang is a remote mountainous region in the North. The almost untouched nature accompanies with the special terrain and unique ethnic cultures easily enchant every tourists coming here. Gradually, Ha Giang becomes the most popular keywords in searching for an unforgettable tour in Vietnam.    
Lung Cu Peak
Situated in Dong Van district, Lung Cu is the northernmost point of Vietnam with the hilly terrain which is ideal for trekking. Not only famous for the specialities such as: Shan Tea, honey wine, corn wine, or pear blossom but the magnificent flagpole in the Dragon mountain. The base of the pole was carved with the Dong Son’s patterns whilst the flag is 54 square meters wide representing for Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. Standing on the top of the mountain brings about the best feeling ever. You can literally catch the cloud, enjoy the fresh air in the lush vegetations and prepare to be overwhelmed by the spectacular view of the scenery.

ha giang 1
Lung cu flagpole

Dong Van Kart Plateau
Appeared in the UNESCO heritage list as the Global Network of Geoparks, Dong Van rocky plateau is a must-visit destination in Ha Giang. The highland has its height about 1400 -1600 meters above sea level forming mainly by limestone and the ancients’ creatures fossils. This place is also recognized as a diverse mountainous geo-ecosystem with numerous distinctive floral species and faunas. Dong Van rocky highland is the home of 17 ethnic communities with unique traditional features.
ha giang 2 
Dong Van rocky hingland
Ma Pi Leng Pass
With the length of 200km in the height of approximately 2000 meters of the rocky plateau, Ma Pi Leng is ranked in the top 4 most dangerous passes in Vietnam. It’s such a satisfying moment when looking down from Ma Pi Leng, the spectacular scenery and the elegant Nho Que river appear right in front of your naked eyes. Built in the 20th century by most of H’mong people, the pass’s name means “horse’s bridge of the nose” owing to its precipitous location that even horses are afraid of going through. Hence, the desire to conquer this pass is never be extinguished.  There are more and more people coming to this mountainous area to break their limits. As they always say: The more difficult challenge, the bigger reward.

ha giang 3
Ma Pi Leng Pass

The Mansion of Vuong Family (H’mong King’s Palace)
Seem like DongVan district is the most famous tourist attractions in Ha Giang. One fascinating destination that you can skip in this place is the Mansion of the King Cat. Situated in the heart of Sa Phin valley, the 3000 square meter palace was divided into 3 parts with 10 blocks in total influencing by the designs of 3 different cultures: the Chinese, French and Mong peoples. The edifice locates in the pine forest of the high mountain range in Meo Vac mainly constructed by the finest woods that now cost about 150 billion VND. Owing to the history of cultivating and trafficking opium, the decoration of the house was mostly designed following the opium flower patterns so that some people call here “poppy palace”. The house is surrounded by the 3 meter high doubled stone walls. Outside is the rock road that leads to the main entrance, and the family’s tomb.

ha giang 4
Inside Meo's Mansion

Nam Dan Ancient Rock Field
The field was discovered in 2004 with the age of the rock dating back from approximately 2000 years ago. There are as many as 80 carved pictures in many different shapes and sizes but mostly square, round and rectangle. Local people call this area Na Lai Shu which means “fields of writing characters”. It is believed that this place used to be a sanctuary to worship the Rock God and the ancestors. Although this rock field is not as famous as its neighbor in Sapa, the mysterious Nam Dan sector is still an interesting place to explore. 

ha giang 5
A ancient rock in Nam Dan

Khau Vai Love Market
It’s been told that the power of love is the reason why Khau Vai market is open. Once upon a time, there is a couple falling in love with each other but cannot get married due to their different origins. Despite of the family’s objection, they run away and settle down in Khau Vai. This market is held on March 26th and 27th of the lunar year with the participation of many local communities. On this occasion, the wife and her husband go to the market together but searching for their own partners to share emotions. It is no hard feelings about meeting the partners in the marketplace because they suppose that was just a temporary feeling exchange. There are also a great number of ethnic products selling on this market from jewelry, brocade artworks to local foods and traditional instruments. Tourist can come here to experience the ethnic cultures with unique ceremonies and games as well. 

ha giang 6
The love market - Khau Vai

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