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Top 5 Most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

From the North to South, tourists are presented will numerous islands, some of which are highly recommended in South East Asia. But which one of them is the best? Time for us to learn more about the top 5 most beautiful island in Vietnam. We have included all up-to-date information here, all is left for you is to read and decide for your travel in Vietnam.

1. Cat Ba Island

Perhaps the center of all magnificent island in Vietnam is located in Halong Bay with Cat Ba as the finest example. It is no exaggeration that Cat Ba is one of the main attractions in the bay, especially for a nature lover. The allure of the island lies on the well-preserved national park and clean and clear beach. Visiting Cat Ba, tourists can laze under the sun and contemplate the magnificent landscape or rent a bike and explore the island. 
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam
A Beautiful Island near Halong Bay
If you desire to see the exotic wildlife in the country, feel free to check out Cat Ba National Park, a world heritage site. Various fauna and flora reside here, including the unique white-headed langur (one of the rarest of all). There are also over 1000 different plants in the park with a lot of huge ancient trees. This is a must-visit destination, especially during your cruise in Halong Bay.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 2
Explore National Park on Cat Ba Island
2. Tuan Chau
As a new tourism spot in Northern Vietnam, Tuan Chau brings a new wave in the region. The destination is not only located 8 kilometers from Halong city but also can easily be reached by car. Different facilities have been built to bring a wide variety of experience, including luxurious villas, resorts, and even street food stores. 
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam  4
A Magnificent Artificial Island
The beach on the island is man-made, but still offering golden sand and clear water. Combined with water activities such as canoes parachutes, Jet Ski, fishing, guests will not feel bored while staying in high-quality hotels and resorts. Resting in Tuan Chau island, you can also participate in a unique show like a circus, martial art, dolphin show. A truly fascinating location in Halong!
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 5
A Perfect Place to Laze
3. Co To Island
This youngest island in Quang Ninh Province sure has something to make tourists fall in love immediately. Unlike other Island with huge development from human, tourists will be surprised at the untouched environment presenting here. For one moment, you are standing in the lush green fields, at other time, you may end up on the hill where the lighthouse is situated, or stand on the white sand.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam  6
A New Wild Island in the North
Co to is underdeveloped, thus tourists may find here lack luxurious hotels and resorts. But it creates clear advantages for the place, cheap price, and less touristy. In the low season (October to February), you can become the only guest in a hotel. However, it does not means that you cannot find several restaurants and mini resorts during your trip.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam  8
An Unspoiled Beach
4. Cham Island
Continue to the Central Coast Vietnam, Hoi An is a beautiful ancient town where attract thousands of tourists. However, Hoi An lacks one thing that a lot of Vietnam Destination has, a nearby stunning beach. Cham island or Cu Lao Cham is considered to be the “saving grace” on this problem. Coming to the island, there is more to offer in this place than a beautiful beach, such as rich marine life and vast green forests. You can join in snorkeling/scuba diving activity and contemplate the coral reefs and rare fish in the tropical island.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam  9
Crystal-clear Water
With Hoi An as the cultural hub in the Central Coast Vietnam, continue your culture exploration here with Hai Tang Pagoda, Huong fishing village. The people welcome every tourist with kind hospitality willing to learn about their unique history and customs. 
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 10
Discover the Rich Eco-system
5. Con Dao
Once an isolated prison for Vietnamese inmates, Con Dao has been transformed into a heaven for beach lovers. Much like Cat Ba island, Con Dao provide habitat for a great selection of wildlife, including green turtle, dolphins, and dugong. As such, nature lovers consider Con Dao as a must-visit destination to contemplate colorful corals reef or the ancient woodland. 
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 11
A Great Location to Relax without Interruption
Con Dao is also a great location to uncover the pages of history in Vietnam at Con Dao Museum. Visitors will encounter numerous pictures, old documents and recreation of the old prisons. For such a lively presentation, you will have a clear look into the past of the island.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 13
Learn More about the History of Vietnam
6. Phu Quoc
The Pearl Island in the country is the charming name given by the Vietnamese when mentioning Phu Quoc. In recent years, the hospitality industry has been booming on the island, causing a little “too much” development. However, you can still find some unspoiled beach with white sand stretches till the horizon. Finding a suitable luxury hotel and resort is also pretty easy and they provide top-notch services and amenities for the guests.
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 14
Hiking in the Dense Forest
By joining a day tour on Phu Quoc, you can have a chance to understand more about the island. Stop at a local factory to see how the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce is made; strolling in a fishing village and bee farm to watch the daily life of the local up-close; begin an excursion into the dense forests. Be sure to check out the best time to visit because during the rainy season, the beach is not clear and it will be hard to travel.  
Top 5 most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam 15
Vast White Sand till the Horizon