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Cham Island – A Wonderful Destination for Your Sea Trip

By: Bich Phuong - 06 May 2017

Located in Quang Nam province, Cham Island has become one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam because of its pristine beauty. It can be seen that the island is a perfect convergence among sublime natural landscapes, simple daily life of local people, and historical values from the previous Vietnamese ancestors. Let’s follow us to discover this beautiful island!

Cham Island is one of the most famous destinations in the Central Land of Vietnam and this place is next to many well-known tourist attractions such as Cua Dai beach and Hoi An ancient town. If you visit Cham Island on full moon day following to lunar calendar, you can drop by Hoi An ancient town to gaze the sublime beauty of lanterns in every corner of the town. 
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Cham Island is not only a paradise for entertainment but also a priceless historical heritage of Vietnamese history. It has a close knit relation with the development of Hoi An port – one of the busiest trading ports in Vietnam in the past time. This island used to be a pit stop for merchant’s ships from many countries in the world at that time. In this place, there are many cultural structures still surviving until hundreds of years ago, which is typical symbol for Vietnamese life in the ancient time.
In 2009, Cham Island was recognized as the world’s biosphere reserves because of its high level of biodiversity. The most suitable time for a visit to Cham Island is from March to August. At that time, beach’s surface is extremely serene with warm atmosphere. Besides, other months often have tropical storms that this area can be isolated from mainland.
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Cu Lao Cham Marine Park stretches out 6,700 hectares including 165 hectares of coral reefs and 500 hectares of sea weeds. This area is home to a large amount of sea creatures with 135 species of corals, more than 200 species of fish, and other marine animals. To discover the diversity of Cham Island’s sea, visitors can enjoy snorkeling for explore the colorful beauty of coral reefs and lively life of sea creatures under the bottom of ocean.
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Cham Island is highlighted not only by the wonderful world of ocean but also by the pristine beauty of tropical forests and attractive beaches. Cham Island is estimated that it is one of the natural islands in Vietnam remaining the plentiful vegetation compared to other ones. 
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Escaping the bustling pace of life in modern world, you can find the tranquility for your soul by enjoying swimming, sunbathing in Cham island’s beaches. With white sand beaches lining along seashore, the excellent blue water, and the featured weather of tropical area, visitors certainly have an interesting trip for relaxation.
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If you want to learn about the daily life of local people, you can go fishing with them on the small boats of fishermen. There are many species of fish that local people have to drive their boats away from Cham Island. When enjoying this work with native people, you can understand how they can survive among the vast ocean. Besides, you can learn about sea foods and its traditional cooking methods through the guidance of fishermen. 
Stepping on Cham Island, visitors cannot miss the opportunity for tasting sea specialties such as Muc mot nang. The squids are dried in only one day under the sunlight before being grilled on coal stove.
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Cua Da is also a famous specialty in Cham Island because of its unique taste. The local people said that this crabs only eat herbs on the island for their survival. 
Besides, there are many renowned traditional dishes you can try such as Oc vu nang (a special kind of Vietnamese snail), abalones, Cham Island’s wild vegetable…
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