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Thuy Bieu Eco Village – A Peaceful Space of Vietnamese Village

By: Bich Phuong - 02 May 2017

Thuy Bieu Eco Village is a rural area in the Southwest of Hue. This destination is a harmonious combination between the romantic beauty of Hue and the pristine beauty of a typical village in Vietnam in the past time. Let’s follow us to discover this beautiful place!

Visiting Thuy Bieu Eco Village, you have a precious opportunity for not only sightseeing, but also learning about the invaluable values of culture and history through ancient architecture.

Dan Nam Giao

Visiting Thuy Bieu Eco village, bicycling is perhaps one of the best choices for sightseeing. You can hire it easily from local people. On the path to Thuy Bieu Eco Village, you can drop by Dan Nam Giao - the biggest places for worshiping the God in Vietnam under Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945). At that time, this place was chosen for Te Giao – the most important ritual in period of feudalism in Asian countries, which express wishes of people about a peaceful and prosperous nation in the future. Its construction bears a huge influence of Asian architecture and there is a perfect harmony with nature.
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Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill is next to Perfume River, the most romantic river in Vietnam. From the hills, visitors can enjoy picturesque beauty of Perfume River and the ancient tombs of royal families under Nguyen dynasty. It is likely that a combination among water, sky, and man-made structures creates the sublime panorama for the hills, especially at the final moments of a day. The atmosphere becomes quieter and our soul is completely attached with the vast space of Vong Canh Hill’s scenery.
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Thuy Bieu Village

The village makes a high impression for visitors by green space of Thanh Tra pomelo – one of the most famous pomelos in Vietnam with slightly sweet taste, which is an ideal fruit for hot days in this nation. Thanh Tra pomelo is harvested only one time annually. Taking a visit to Thuy Bieu village, you can experience the distinct feeling in each Vietnam’s season. In spring, pomelo gardens of local people are covered with white color of pomelo flowers. In summer, the slightly green color of young pomelo replaces the white blossoms. When autumn comes, gardens are full of pomelos hanging on foliages. In winter, Thanh Tra polemo trees become more silent under the cold temperature of Vietnam’s fall and continue to accumulate nutrients for the next genes of pomelo.
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At any season, Thuy Bieu village also offers a taste of a peaceful atmosphere of a typical Vietnamese village that you can immerse into a natural space of Thanh Tra polemo gardens and make friends with hospitable people in this place.
Thuy Bieu Village is also well-known with a system of ruong houses – a traditional architectural style of the central land in Vietnam. All of them were built more than 100 years ago with distinct designs. Those houses were designed with two layers of roofs to prevent high temperature in summer and cold temperature in winter. The main material of ruong houses is often wood, which is elaborately carved by skillful hands of local workers. Those ancient houses are featured by the model of house – garden, which make people’s life closer with nature.
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Along with going sightseeing Thuy Bieu village, you can enjoy daily life of a real farmer with the guidance of local people and taste native culinary of this beautiful land. Those experience is certainly a wonderful memory for every visitor who have ever visited the village.
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Besides, Thuy Bieu village is home to many unique structures under Nguyen dynasty such as Ho Quyen Arena and Voi Re Temple. It is not only common historical places but it reflects special values of culture and spirit of Vietnamese people in the past time.
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Ho Quyen Arena