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Bac Son Valley – Precious Natural Heritage of Vietnamese People

By: Bich Phuong - 06 May 2017

Bac Son Valley locates on Lang Son Province – a mountainous area in the Northwestern of Vietnam. This valley is always an attractive destination for visitors to discover the pristine beauty of sublime paddy fields. Let’s follow us to discover interesting things in this beautiful place! 

Bac Son Valley is surrounded by majestic limestone mountains with winding river sneaking through the vast paddy fields. It is likely that the Nature is endowed a picturesque scenery for this destination. From high altitude, visitors can gaze out the enormous picture of Bac Son Valley. The most suitable time for visiting this destination is from July to November.
Bac Son Valley 1
It seems that the paddy field is created by different pieces of color. This special feature of valley is derived from local people’s farming customs. The paddy field of local people is divided into many small parts that each household will be responsible for one of those parts. When local people grow rice in different time, the color of each plot will also be different. 
Bac Son Valley 2
You can enjoy the significant beauty of Bac Son Valley in different time in one year. At the beginning of planting season, the plots of valley are pumped with full of water so that farmers can plough their land easily. For about two weeks to one month, all parts of paddy field will be covered with millions of green spots of young rice. When rice grows, the valley offer a taste of fresh feeling because of a green color of paddy fields. Sometimes, you can hear the interesting sound of paddy field when the naughty winds blow through. In harvesting season, the paddy field is full of yellow color of ripe rice.
Bac Son Valley 3
The pristine beauty of Bac Son Valley also changes in different time of a day. In the morning, the valley becomes dim because thin layers of smog cover on the slopes of limestone mountains.
Bac Son Valley 4
When the sun rises, smog disappears and the first beautiful sunlight begins to brighten up Bac Son Valley. At dawn, the sun gradually hides itself behind limestone mountains, which create an wonderful beauty for this destination.
Bac Son Valley 5
At the end of a day, Bac Son Valley becomes more sparking because the light from local people’s houses on the foot of limestone mountains. At any time, Bac Son Valley also offers a taste of tranquility and serenity for visitors’ soul. 
Bac Son Valley 6
Na Lay Mountain
With about 600m in height above sea level, Na Lay Mountain is a famous site in Bac Son Valley for sightseeing. From the peak of the mountain, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Bac Son Valley with different directions. Therefore, it is really an ideal place for photographers or anyone, who want to have a nice picture with this beautiful valley.
Bac Son Valley 7
There are 1,200 stone steps on the path to Na Lay Mountain. After an exhausting day for discovering Bac Son Valley, visitors can go camping on the peak of Na Lay mountain for watching billions of sublime stars on the sky.
Quynh Son Village
This is a rural village on Bac Son Valley. This village is the settlement of Tay people – an ethnic groups living in mountainous area in Vietnam. The village lies on a picturesque place surrounded by poetic paddy fields and majestic limestone mountains of valley.
Bac Son Valley 8
Traditional houses of Tay people are designed with unique architecture. All of them direct to the Southern and there are a perfect harmony between their houses and nature. Visiting the village, visitors will have opportunity for experiencing both daily life of local people and their native culture.
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