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5 Reasons to Visit Halong Bay

14 November 2017
Once you hear the name Halong Bay, what should come to that is that the city is nature's wonder heritage of the world. Going there, you are entitled to lots of excitement especially when you feel its beauty made by 3 points which are blue sea, limestone, and blue sky.  
The blue sky contains beautiful Seabirds which are lovely to watch, the grandeur ends of the limestone islands and the caves which contain thousand-year-old stalactites are captivating. Also, the blue sea is very soothing with a cool breeze when you go for a cruise. If you want to take a vacation at Halong Bay and you have doubts, below are reasons why you should.

1. Fantastic Beach

If you are a lover of exotic beaches and you love to spend time in blue water under the blazing sun, then Halong Bay is the best place to cool off and relieve all the stress of your everyday life. Its beaches are safe for swimming, and its waters are calm and you will be given the necessary equipment like life jackets. Swimming in the Halong Bay beach is crisp and refreshing.
reasons to visit halong bay

2. Wonderful Cruising Experience

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to relax on the cruise at Halong Bay. One of the best experiences you can get at Halong Bay is taking a sunbath during a boating cruise and at the same time drinking some alcohol. Halong Bay is also listed as one of the best places to enjoy sunset in Vietnam when you can admire a breath-taking reflection of thousands of limestone islets at the most beautiful time of the day. Going for an overnight cruise between the vast seas is also lovely, as you will see the dark sky filled with thousands of beautiful stars; the sight is magical.
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3. Famous Caves

Halong Bay is one of the most exceptional places due to its limestone karst towers which comes in spectacular pillars. These towers are marked by different coastal erosion features like caves and ashes which altogether add to its magical natural scenery.  Many stalactites are seen hanging from the cave ceilings form a different kind of shapes and form.
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4. Affordability

Many budget travelers are known to frequent Halong Bay. However, the pricing is increasing at an alarming rate every month, but it’s still cheaper than other countries. Here are some tips to aid your understanding of the pricing at Halong Bay so you can decide if it’s affordable or not. You spend about $139 for 2days and 1 night, the rate for premium cruises range from $160 to $245, and the rate also differs for a luxury cruise which is above $245.
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5. The feeling of a fisherman’s life

When you take a vacation to Halong Bay, nothing can be more exciting than visiting the fishing village to see how the locals go about their daily business; the atmosphere is casual and friendly. You get the opportunity to participate or spectate in the fishing activities as you catch some fishes yourself and also make fishing nets with the locals.
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