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7 Best Things to Buy in Vietnam

12 July 2017

Vietnam is an interesting oriental country with mixed culture but still keeping its distinctive features. Then what is an easiest way to access to the local and of course to pick some interesting stuffs for your loved ones than going shopping. Here are some most exclusive items you can take back home from Vietnam.

1. Ao Dai - The Traditional Costume
Known as the traditional costume of Vietnam, Ao dai has become a very popular souvenir to the tourists. This little- tight dress is made of 2 parts: one is the gown wearing in the outside and the inside is the long pants with contrast color. Today, Ao Dai is designed in many different styles and models. There are 2 versions of Ao Dai: the traditional and the modern one. For a perfect fit dress, you can choose your own garments at the market and let the tailor done their work for you. You can find the best cloth and services for making Ao Dai in Hoian or silk village - Van Phuc. Each dress costs about 700,000 to 1,500,000 VND ($30-$150).
things to buy in Vietnam1
Ao Dai - Vietnam' national costume       
2. Conical Hat (Vietnamese: Non La) - A Cultural Symbol
Wearing Ao Dai without Non La is the big missing because they are the perfect match. Appeared in the 18th century, Non La has become a crucial part of every Vietnamese people. Conical hat can protect you from the rain or in the scorching and boiling hot weather in Vietnam. Conical hat or Non la is made of bamboo, palm leaves, and the Moc trees’ bark. There are numerous types of leaf hat owing to its origin in different regions of Vietnam. Non la is sold like a souvenir and a practical thing to wear for travelling purpose. You can buy this unique hat at many shops and markets. The price is rather cheap.
 things to buy in Vietnam 2
Non La - the cultural symbol
3. Silk – The Finest Types of Cloth
Vietnam’ silk is the organic silk made from the fibers of the cocoons. This type of silk is famous for its quickly drying and highly absorbing characteristics. In the past, only the rich people could afford a product of silk. As time goes by, today silk comes in all patterns and colors. Scarves and ties are the 2 best – selling types of this product. You can easy find a shop with the best quality of silk and good service in Hoian’s old quarter and Van Phuc silk village.

things to buy in vn 3]
Silk products

4. Brocade – A Touch from the Mountainous Area
A long time ago, Brocade took roots in the ethnic tribes in Vietnam’s mountainous areas. It usually appears in every traditional tribe’s garments. The special of this handicraft is that all the cloth is made from the cotton fibers dying by the natural materials like leaves and tree barks. Then, through the brilliant hands of the ethnic minorities, the textile forms its shape and becomes the most vivid picture carrying the spiritual and heritage values. Today, brocade handicrafts are variety in products such as:  rugs, scarves, bags, etc. You can find the finest brocade textiles in the mountainous areas of Vietnam: Dong Van - Ha Giang, SaPa - Lao Cai
things to buy in vn 4   
Brocade textle 
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5. Amazing Products from Lacquerware 
Lacquered products are also the lovely presents which foreigners would love to choose to take back home. Lacquer is a natural substance from the sap of the lacquer tree. It becomes a hardened coat after contacting with the air which protects the object from the heat and moisture and create a beautiful appearance as well. Lacquerware is used in various kinds of materials like: wood, paper, pottery, pearl or even crushed eggshell. Then, through the skilful hands of the artists, the products are elevated into the finest work of arts. A lacquer painting can cost 2,000,000 VND ($200) and more. Still, many small and medium lacquered products like dishes, bowls, vases, etc. come with reasonable prize.

things to buy in vn 5
Lacquerered products

6. A Brilliant Handicraft -  Embroidered Pictures
From the natural sceneries to the everyday activities, embroidery artwork illustrates them all. This ancient handicraft requires plenty of time and effort, and each hand-embroidered picture is unique and meaningful in its own way for containing the values of Vietnam culture. The vibrant color and sophisticated techniques can easily attract attention from the tourists. Possessing a product from this work of art is a great souvenir for you and your loved one.
Aside from the common embroidered pictures, some shops also create the personal portraits or ideal sketches by this technique. You can visit: XQ hand Embroidery in Nha Trang or Tan My in Hang Gai street (Hanoi). A small hand embroidered product goes around 500,000 VND($25). The bigger one can reach to 2,000,000 VND ($ 200) and above.

things to buy in vn 6
Inside an Embroidery gallery

7. Bamboo Products – A Fresh Breath from the Nature
Bamboo gains its popularity from the dawn of Vietnamese history. People used bamboo to fight against the invaders, to build the shelters and furniture. Bamboo tree becomes the crucial part of Vietnam culture. Today, many products of bamboo are made in various shape and size with different purposes. A gift from a cheap and friendly environment material is not a bad idea. Many types of beautiful and unique bamboo baskets, trays or bowls are available in Hoian, night market in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.Price from 100,000 to 300,000 VND ($4-$15)

things to buy in vn 7
One of the Bamboo souvenirs

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