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Top 5 Most Impressive Caves in Halong Bay

26 July 2017

Halong bay is a massive complex of numerous astonishing caverns created by the marine actions through millions of years. Tourists flock to this UNESCO declared world heritage site not only to admire the beautiful seascape of the magnificent limestone pillars rising above the turquoise blue water but visit the Mother Nature’s work of art inside the karst pinnacles. Many caverns in Halong were recognized as the must – visit places in term of most incredible grottos.

1.Sung Sot Cave (Amazing Cave)
Situated in the centre of the World nature wonder, on Bo Hon island, Sung Sot or Amazing cave is one of the largest and finest grottos in Halong bay. At the first glance, Sung sot entrance appears small and dark at the end of the paved stone path covered by trees, but it will take your breath away by the majestic look and huge expansion inside. That’s why it has the name “grotte des surprises” (grotto of surprise) from the first time the French entering the cave and be amazed by its scale.
The cave lies 25m above the sea level covering 10,000m2 of limestone landform. It is split in 2 chambers; the cave is said to be similar to as a huge mediaeval opera theater with many stalactites in variety of shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling. Continue going inside the cave until reaching the deepest point, visitors will access to the “royal garden” of a clear pond and a greenery and lush vegetation. The passage and signposts in the grotto will be shown clearly by colorful lights which create more magnificent look for the cave.
The entrance of Sung Sot cave

Inside Sung Sot cave

2.Dau Go Grotto (Wooden Stakes Grotto) 

Placed in the height of 27m above the sea level, Dau Go cave has its scale of 5000m2, is one of most impressive cavern in Halong bay. The name ‘Dau Go” or “Giau Go” dated back to the time of General Tran Hung Dao when he used the cave to hide the ironwood to fight against the invaders of Yuan – Mongolian.
The 25m grotto’s entrance looks like a giant jade- blue jelly fish from far distance. Dau Go cave is divided in 3 chambers; the first one has the vault shape with plenty of light, the rock formations are variety depending on the visitors’ imagination. The light in the next room is quite weak but draws much curiosity of tourists. The stalagmites are smaller yet still astonishing. The last room is a wide open area with huge columns craved with ancient figures of horses, elephants.  

View to the bay from Sau Go cave

Stalacites in Dau Go cave

3.Thien Cung Cavern (Celestial Cavern) 
In the southwest of the bay, 4 km from Dau Go port, located the cavern – Thien Cung which is compared to the beauty of the heaven palace. The way leads to the grotto is rather challenging in the height of 25m from the sea level surrounded by dense green foliage. Through the narrow gateway is the spectacular cave of 130m in length with the sublime beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites in the most animated forms of animals and human beings. The further you get in the cavern, the more splendid sceneries appear.
The interior view is said to describe the wedding of the dragon king. The ceremony was celebrated in 7 days and 7 nights with the blessing of all the gods and animals in the regions. Seemingly the image of that banquet was petrified in the ceiling of the grotto. In the center of the cave are the 4 enormous pillars with the strange depictions of fishes, birds, flowers and even human activities. 

Walking among the rock formations of the cave

A corner of the cave

4.Tam Cung Cave (Three - Palace Cave)
5 km northeast from Sung Sot cave, in the centre of the bay lies Tam Cung grotto (3 palaces). The cave sets in May Den island, a secluded place far from the other islands with the steep cliffs and lush vegetation. Despite the small scale, Tam Cung cave still attracts a lot of visitors coming to explore its unique beauty.
The cavern is partitioned in 3 compartments through the rock cracks. Right in the moment stepping in the cave, tourists can hear the sound of Vietnamese traditional musical instruments: T’rung far away from the distance. The shape of the stalagmites and stalactites in the cave is incredible. Especially, three wonderful statues of the gods of prosperity, happiness and longevity are found in the wall of the cave. Follow the rock passageway to the second chamber where a wide range of animals were lively depicted in stone from lions to seals. The last chamber is found through a stone curtain falling from the ceiling with the most exotic rock figures. 
The first compartment of the grotto

One manigficent stalactite
5.Luon Grotto
Just 1km from the Sung sot cave, Luon Grotto also set in Bo Hon island. The cave is one of the most famous attractions in Halong bay. The grotto is surrounded by vertical cliffs and the flourishing forests. The interior contains a lot of exotic stalactites falling from the ceiling.
The cave has the name “Luon” owing to its body submerges in the water and the only way to explore the whole cave is paddling through the arched entrance rising above the water level. Luon cave is only 60m in length with the height of the ceiling from 2.5 – 4m depending on the tides. Hence, Luon grotto is a favorite place of many tourists going for kayaking to enjoy the serene and tranquil of the area.  

The vault entrance of Luon cavern


Inside the Luon cave

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