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4 Ideal Travel Destinations in Vietnam for New Year's Eve 2018

17 October 2017
Vietnam has practically risen from the ashes, after the devastating war where the United States of America dropped tons of bombs on its soil not many moons ago.
Today drawing billions of dollars in American Foreign Direct Investment or FDI, it has changed course dramatically with a very persevering populace who know what hard can do has toiled to build their country back from scratch.


The new economic upturn whilst bringing in the new industries and increasing exports it has also open the gates for an influx of tourists who are eagerly flocking into the country to taste a bit of its culture, hospitality and cuisine which was lost to the world during the time of the war.
Tourist arrivals are increasing tremendously month to date compared to last year and the boom has created healthy competition, better service and also very competitive prices for tourists and the year 2018 has been declared as Vietnam travel year.
Vietnam has much to offer the discerning tourist and it is no surprise that those with an eye on the exotic Far East are flocking in drones to take advantage of the new found prosperity in the country and the influx is sure to improve during the Vietnam travel year just round the corner in 2018.
After the devastation that took place during the war, the country is building new hotels and other infrastructure to adequately cope with the unprecedented demand for quality hotel accommodation and with it real estate prices have shot through the roof in certain urban areas of the country.
Tourists need to take a good hard look as to what they would get in Vietnam and seeking their interests out would make their stay that much more memorable and eventful.

The year 2018 and the Vietnam travel year would kick start in a couple of months and everyone in this hardworking country are on their toes, to ensure that they are ready when the dollars roll in and they are able to recoup good profits this year too.

# 1. Hanoi (Old Quarter)

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and has been greatly influenced by the French who laid sway in the country during the late 19th century leaving some of their landmark architectural monuments and cultural influence when they left.  
There is much to offer to those who love architecture, the art, music, dances and an abundance of cuisine in Hanoi (the old quarter) where you could say all the fun happenings of Vietnam takes place.
Vietnam travel new year
The best and most luxurious of hotels are located here, within the jurisdiction of the Hanoi administrative division and most of the high flyers are generally confined to these areas.
Night life in Hanoi (Old Quarter) is very vibrant all through the year and New Year Eve 2018, if you happen to choose to be there with the Vietnam travel year also in effect is sure to be one helluva party on that night.
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# 2. Halong Bay (Overnight onboard)

Just the place to be if you are with your loved ones on New Year Eve 2018, with its picturesque location Halong Bay offers the discerning traveler much more than what an average tourist would expect from a seaside resort city.
It has all the trappings to have an indelible mark on whoever has visited this quaint and serene destination with some of the world’s most spectacular limestone formations dating back an incredible 500 million years.
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Great emphasis is being laid on its uniqueness and rarity during the Vietnam travel year to enable the populace of the world to view and experience this unique ecological site that has held many in spellbound awe just observing it.
Declared a UNESCO world heritage site it holds true to its new found recognition and with ample opportunities for accommodation around the city it is just the destination for you if you want your New Year Eve 2018 to be a day to be remembered for ever.
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# 3. Hoi An Ancient Town (Highlighted with Lanterns)

Like most cities in Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is also a very old city on the country’s central coast having a vibrant mixture of French, Chinese and Japanese influence in its architecture and even the general lifestyle of its populace which has not changed much if you really see into them very closely.
It is vibrant to say the least and with the Vietnam travel year encouraging all businesses to spruce themselves up it is going to project a very welcoming gesture to whoever decides to experience their excellent hospitality in the months and years to follow.
Hotels to suit your wallet and other fine accommodation to rest your tired body in plenty at very affordable prices makes this port city just the place you would want to be on New Year Eve 2018.
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# 4. Saigon (Around the area of Notre Dam Cathedral)

The most populated city and also action packed with everything you could ask for from a city of more than eight million inhabitants. It experienced a very troublesome past during the French and American occupation but has shed all that to be one of the most glorious cities in the Far East incomparable to none.
If there is a place you would need to be on New Year Eve 2018 then it is Saigon that you should be in and with the Vietnam travel year trying to give visitors a sojourn as never before there is a lot that is on offer if you happen to be there.
The stage is set and it is open arms that you would experience when you step into Vietnam and pick any of the four cities above to keep your New Year resolutions 2018 which would be sure to be fulfilled, if you step into the New Year 2018 whilst enjoying yourself to the hilt in a safe but exciting and toe tapping entry into the days ahead.
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