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Top 6 Best Cafes in Hanoi Old Quarter

By: Bich Phuong - 17 February 2017

Taking a visit to Hanoi capital, Cafe stores are fascinating places for tourists after wandering around Hanoi Old Quarter and Sword Lake. Unlike the luxurious stores of the cosmopolitan city, Coffee stores of Hanoi Old Quarter blend into small corners of streets or unobtrusively tucked among the ancient houses. Sitting with relatives or friends in the cozy coffee stores, taking a cup of hot coffee and watching the daily life of Hanoians – It really offers an unforgettable taste for every tourist when they discover this sacred city. The list above may good suggestions about Hanoi Old Quarter’s cafes:

1.  Cafe Giang
This cafe has become one of the most a long standing coffee trademarks in Hanoi. The owner of this store named Giang, used to be a bartender of Metropole hotel in French colonies in the 20th century. Egg coffee is the most attractive drink with a perfect combination between the special taste of egg yolk and sweet taste of scream. Besides, you also can advance a cup of fragrant egg cocoa.  
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2.  Cafe Dinh
Although Dinh Cafe was born much later than Giang cafe, this store receives the high evaluations from tourist by its unique taste of egg coffee. All the corner of Dinh cafe bears the ancient atmosphere, which is located on the second floor of an old French villa.  It is actually a feeling of warmth when taking a coffee cup and enjoying the sublime scenery of Sword Lakes in every morning of Hanoi winter.
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3. Pho Co Cafe 
Pho Co Cafe or the Ancient Town Cafe is well-known by not only appealing taste of egg coffee but also the primitive beauty of Vietnam architecture in the period of feudalism. Going along a small corridor of the ground floor, there is an outdoor courtyard with the old bonsais and strange ornaments. You also have an opportunity for discovering an art space of a traditional family with excellent masterpieces of the feudal period such as bronze statues, jade incensory, ceramic vases… A particular thing is that visitors can drink coffee and enjoy a beautiful panorama of Sword Lakes: red color of The Huc Bridge along with the green space of old trees around lakeside, the contemplation of Ngoc Son temple and Pen Tower among the heart of a busy city. 
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4. Cong Cafe 
Cong Cafe makes a significant impression for visitors by its ancient atmosphere and architecture during the period of Vietnam command economy in the late 20th century. It is certainly that Cong Cafe is not only known as an ideal place for chatting or dating with friends but also for the unique space of Vietnam culture with the decoration of the familiar items of Vietnamese life in the past time. 
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5. Hanoi Social Club
Located to the north of Hang Bong Street, Hanoi Social Club was established by 2 foreigners named John and Jac. In the first visit, tourists can find that this cafe is on a quiet street with an ancient architecture. All furniture is taken idea from the western style with 3 floors: the ground floor with bookshelves, the second floor with nice balcony, and the third floor combining with a small lovely garden. There is also a comfortable space for music lovers that everyone can freely play guitars and sing favorite songs together. Besides coffee, Hanoi Social Club also serves some healthy foods from Western countries, mainly making from vegetables. This place both supports abroad visitors more adaptable with a new life of a foreign country but also plays an important role in introducing Western culture to Vietnamese.
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6. The Note Coffee
The Note Coffee is one of the most favorite cafes around Hanoi Old Quarter because of its cozy atmosphere. Not only is a wonderful destination for drinks such as coffee, this store also famous for thousands of notes sticking on the store’ wall. It turns the cafe into a colorful space with full of meaningful messages of visitors about love, friendship …
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