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Top 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

By: Brian Vu - 12 December 2016

Italian cuisine is an indispensable part in the map of European cuisine, which is preferred by gourmets from all over the world. Many tourists coming to Hanoi with few days strolling around also want to find some best Italian restaurants in Hanoi to taste the fantastic flavor of pasta, pizza, … which is found not only in Europe. These restaurants are glorified “Flavour of Italy in the heart of Hanoi”.

1. Mamma Mia

Located at number 2 Chuong Duong Do Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Mamma Mia is ideal place for big fans of Italian flavour which is made by the skillful hands of artistic cooks. Mamma Mia is the best Italian restaurant in Hanoi with authentic Italian features.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi
Italian cuisine is like a mysterious book and Mamma Mia will take you to discover each page of that book. With experienced crews, Mamma Mia will bring all the country of Italy to your table after few minutes waiting. It can be said that Mamma Mia is the culinary ambassador of Italy in the heart of Hanoi.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 2
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 3
Gourmets will be very surprised at the price and foods in Mamma Mia. All dishes are served in a beautiful space, which make their flavor more fantastic than ever. Besides, all ingredients of the restaurant are fresh, at high-standard and cooked by professional Italian and Vietnamese chefs.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 4

2. Da Palo

Da Paolo is located near the West Lake, the centre area where many international tourists pass every day. Entering Da Paolo, you can choose for yourself a silent place to enjoy the nice view to the poetic West Lake, which is even more interesting while tasting an awesome sip of Italian wine.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 5
Da Paolo received the award “Ospitalità Italiana”, a certificate given by Italian Commercial Department to evaluate the quality of domestic and internation Italian restaurants and hotels.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 6
Most of reviews of Da Paolo on Tripadvisor are “Good” in general. Appetizer, main dishes and desserts are all loved, especially pizza. Additionally, Da Paolo received the prize “Guide Award” in 2014 and “Certificate of excellence” in 2013 and 2015 of TripAdvisor.

3. Luna d'autunno

Referring to Luna d’Autunno, we should not miss the name of Gino Benelli who established the restaurant in Hanoi in 1999. Gino started working in Hanoi in 1993 in the Italian restaurant business and after few years, he made a decision to bring his knowledge and love for Italian food into Hanoi in another style. It was also when Luna d’Autunno was born.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 7
The aim of Luna d’Autunno is not too express the best Italian foods but to satisfy Italian food lovers. All products of the restaurant are imported from Italy and cooked in authentic way of Italy, which help gourmets feel that they are in Italy, not Hanoi.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 8
Besides, Luna d’Autunno is highlighted with the largest wine selection among all Italian restaurants in Hanoi with high quality and best price: from low budget to finest wine are always available.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 9
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4. Casa Italia

Casa Italia is not really famous but what it brings to gourmets helps it become one of the highly-recommended Italian restaurants in Hanoi. Casa Italia is situated next to Italian Embassy and not crowded, which is suitable for those who wish a silent place.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 10
Casa Italia is built in Italian architecture, beautiful and modern, and decorated with some Vespa around, which makes it like an Italian house in the heart of Hanoi. A set  served here is much more than other Italian restaurants in Hanoi, so if you are in a diet, you are not recommended to come here. Staffs are also nice and friendly.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 11
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 12

5. Gelato Italia

Gelato Italia is not a normal dining place with pizza, pasta, … like other Italian restaurants in Hanoi. It is actually an Italian ice cream restaurant with eye-catching decoration and filled up with green trees. All windows are set up with awesome views to evergreen landscape outside.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 13
Ice-creams here are available with many tastes, smell is good and ingredients are very fresh, which surely will make you day on a hot day in Hanoi.
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 14
Italian restaurants in Hanoi 15
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