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Bai Rang in Phan Thiet- The Gift of God

By: Chipjuno - 03 June 2016
One of the popular destinations in the Central area is Bai Rang in Phan Thiet. Visiting the beach, you will have chance to admire the unspoiled beauty mixed with quaint modernity of Bai Rang.
Bai Rang also known as Rang Beach is located 15 km from the city of Phan Thiet to the Northeast. Rang Beach is considered the crossroad of modern and luxury feature of luxury resorts with natural beauty of the small fishing villages of fishermen.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 1
Unlike normal beaches with only petrified coral in the central coast, Rang Beach - Mui Ne brings a long coastline with fine golden sand.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 2
The water in Bai Rang is quite clean and green. If you go a bit further, you may see small fish swimming in the water, or colorful coral.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 3
Covering along the coastline of Bai Rang is coconut leaning in the background of golden sand. There are so many coconuts that people may feel being lost in the South America. 
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 4
Previously, fishing villages in Bai Rang are more crowded but with the development of tourism, the modern luxury resorts have seized a large area of Bai Rang. However, a small fishing village still lies in the heart of tranquil Bai Rang bringing a unique marine culture.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 5
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 6
Fishermen in Bai Rang area are very hospitable from their sincere hearts. Although they are busy with removing fish from nets, they still smile and chat with tourists.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 7
It is a great pity if exploring the beach without watching sunrise on the beach. Most of the rooms at the resort along Bai Rang overlooking the sea, so just sitting at the cool doorway, you could also feel the moment when the sun gradually rises from the sea.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 8
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 9
Along Bai Rang, there are many restaurants and eating houses serving all dishes from Asian food to Western food with appealing flavors. There are some specialties of the region such as fish noodles, seafood, pancakes, and spring rolls.
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 10
Right on Bai Rang, there are many resorts such as Sunrise Resort, Little Paris Resort, Sunrise Village Hotel or La Marina Hotel, Minh Hung Hotel.  However, room rate here is relatively expensive. Therefore, if you want to find cheaper place to stop, you can go to motels in the area of Phan Thiet city. Or adventure lovers adventure, you can choose to sleep right at camp on the beach.
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Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 12
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About 4 km from Rang Beach towards Phan Thiet, you will have the opportunity to admire the rock filed of Ong Dia, one of the religious places of coastal residents. A little further, about 30 minute drive, you can set foot on another vast beach of Phan Thiet and learn the culture of the Cham at the relic of Phu Hai tower cluster
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Bai Rang in Phan Thiet 15
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