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8 Mysteries about Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

By: Brian Vu - 23 May 2016
As you know that Son Doong Cave is celebrated as the most grandiose cave in the world and the paradise in the universe. But behind this natural attraction, there are 8 following mysteries that you may not know about.

1. Son Doong Cave was discovered thanks to rain

Son Doong Cave was discovered by a peasant named Ho Khanh in 1991. At that time, his job was being looking for aquilaria crassna in the forest.
Son Doong Cave
One day, a heavy rain in the forest made him have to find a place to avoid. Incidentally, that place was Son Doong Cave.

2. Son Doong Cave was missing in 15 years

Ho Khanh didn’t know about the value of the cave. After that, he stopped his current job and came back to farming work.
Son Doong Cave 2
During the next 15 years, the mysterious cave was still hidden. Until 2006, when a group from the British Cave Research Association came to seek for brand-new caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Mr.Khanh told them about his avoid-rain story. Then, the journey to find the cave started.
Son Doong Cave 3

3. Son Doong Cave was not shown up on Google Earth

However, the discovery was not successful completely. All Mr.Khanh could remember was a huge cave with 24/24 strong wind.
Son Doong Cave 4
Even with the support of modern scientific equipments and Google Earth software, the crew could not find Son Doong Cave. Until 2009, Mr.Khanh officially rediscovered the cave where he had used to arrive.
Son Doong Cave 5

4. Son Doong is large enough to become an airplane parking area

According to geologists, Son Doong Cave has been formed for about 2 – 5 millions years, when the water flows across the limestone area buried along a fault line. It made the erosion and create the current giant tunnel. Son Doong Cave is extremely large with the lowest length of about 5 kilometers – enough to contain 68 Boeing-777 planes. Evenly, the number can be higher because the most modern equipment cannot release the most accurate statistic about the cave’s length.
Son Doong Cave 6

5. Son Doong Cave is called “Great Wall of Vietnam”

In Son Doong Cave, experts have explored very large places. A picture snapped by photographer Carten Pete in May 2010 confirm the existence of an area which is 91.44m wide and 243.84 high – enough to contain a 40-storey building of New York City.
Son Doong Cave 7
The National Geographic even made a comparison that ”The cave can comfortably to fit 25 bus stacked”. The grandeur and giant of Son Doong landscape help it to be celebrated as “The Great Wall of Vietnam”.
Son Doong Cave 8

6. Entering Son Doong, you can find your own Garden of Eden

Son Doong Cave is famous for not only its giantess but also the diversity of natural sceneries.
Son Doong Cave 9
In the cave, the discoverers has found out a primeval forest with plentiful flora and no sign of human trace. The experts call it the “Garden of Eden” to glorify the amazing beauty.
Son Doong Cave 10

7. Son Doong Cave owns the pearl as big as a baseball.

Another distinction of Son Doong Cave is the system of stalactite and pearl. Experiencing millions years and affected by external forces, Son Doong Cave now own stalagmite column which are 70m high. Additionally, the cave pearls (mainly canxit) are also the biggest in the world. Ordinarily, the same type of this pearls are only 1cm in diameter but in Son Doong, they are as big as a baseball.
Son Doong Cave 11

8. Son Doong Cave attracts supermodels to conquer

Thanks to fantastic beauty, Son Doong Cave attract many tourists (98% are abroad) including families with 3 generations who used to explore and some supermodels such as Jasmina Mala (from Czech) and Prince Ahmed Hamdan (from Abu Dhabi).
Son Doong Cave 12
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