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Vietnam Travel Blogs & News are interesting corners telling about the experience of pre-visitors, updated news about Vietnam travel and must-see in Vietnam. Sometimes, we cannot decide immediately if we could travel to Vietnam or not but with these things in Vietnam, we're sure that you're ready for an authentic journey in this country.

Backpacker Sharing Her Top 10 Reasons for Loving Hanoi

03 March 2016

Cheap, easy to get around and a rich sense of Asia-ness is what made one of Travelettes' female backpackers become infatuated with Hanoi.

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Victoria Phan Thiet Resort Has Just Completed a New Charming Beach

01 March 2016
After 7 month rehabilitating the beach which applies environment-friendly Geotube technology, Victoria Phan Thiet Resort has experienced a spectacular change which surprises all tourists. Read more +

4 Best things of Trang An Tourist Attraction

15 February 2016
Not only the convergence of stunning views, the beautiful landscape of Trang An is the unique tourist destination that you can find nowhere else in the world. Read more +

7 Exceptional Beauties of Hanoi Tourism

10 November 2015

In the eyes of foreigners, Hanoi the capital of Vietnam has different features which clarify itself from any other urban center in Asia and make it unique. The following articles provide you more information for that identification.

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10 Votes of the World for Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

20 October 2015

Vietnam’s prestige and tourism brand is increasingly recognized clearer by the international friends, expressed through the voting results of the media organizations, the international association for reputable destination led in 2014.

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Hanoi at Weekend with a Visit to Traditional Trade Villages

20 October 2015

Watching the water puppet show at Dao Thuc village or learning to make bamboo dragonflies at Thach Xa are some suggestions for your weekend in Hanoi.

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