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How Is the Daily Life of Local People in Ninh Binh Associated with Travel?

By: Brian Vu - 19 April 2016

Once being in Ninh Binh and enjoy travel in this place, you may never forget the image of the local people in Ninh Binh who appear in the role of rowers. Yes, in your eyes, they simply just float along the river to serve boat trip for tourists but I'm sure you don't know that it's not all about their daily life. These photos will help you have an exhaustive look at their life.

Almost of them choose to be rowers to serve tourists coming to visit their hometown. None of them can freely to do this work but have to follow the guidance and control of a manager, and need to wait for their turn to depart their boats.

On normal days, they just can have only one trip so they are very happy when they got their turn.

And try to prepare the best they can to make their customers feel comfortable on their simple boats.

Sometimes, they're happier when they can serve foreign tourists because they can be tipped with about 50.000VND or 100.000VND more.

One of what make them special in tourists' eyes is that they can sit comfortably and row by their legs when their arms are tired out.

80% of rowers here are the seniors.

But still very hard-working with hope that they can earn some money to serve their life.

In break time to wait for the tourists, they will gether somewhere in shape and confide in each others about their life such as: How is your family? Where do your sons or daughters study? or something like that.

However, rowing is not the life of all local people in Ninh Binh.

For some others, they want to live by farming, fishing or building. In the above image, you can see a man fishing by electric shock. In the box behind him, there is a big battery and a radio he uses to listen to music during fishing.

Everyday, they have to work and immerse in the water in about 5 or 6 hours continuously.

These women are in the Top of impatient people, they feel angry with queue to serve boat trips for tourists, so they decide to take their own boats to sell snacks along the sightseeing routes.

Some people who cannot serve boat trip because of their health, they will take time making some hand-made products which are very beautiful to earn money.

Through the above pictures, you partly will understand more about the daily life of local people in Ninh Binh.

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